Accurately Identify Profitable Opportunities In Forex, Gold & Crypto So You Can Maximize Trading Results!

The safe and easy way to make huge gains from a unique and intelligent system that anybody can use to transform themselves into a Super Trader. Now optimized for Crypto

What if there was a trading system that could predict which direction the price would move and it could do it on forex, gold and crypto on any timeframe, inline with the overall trend and insync with super-powerful indicators... then manage the trades fully automatically. 

Check out the examples below on how it works and what it can do for you. Once you're ready, tap any of the START NOW buttons and prepare for super trader results.

Know When to Buy or Sell

Easily Trade Successfully

Very Safe & Predictable New Algorithms

Exploit Big Fast Price Moves

Make Money Whether Price Goes Up or Down

Optimized For Crypto

Whether you like crypto or not, it's valued at 2-3 TRILLION and only getting bigger. With Central Banks already transitioning to Central Bank Digital Currencys, trading crypto represents a massive opportunity. Using TP 2.0, you could generate HUGE earnings from seven of the biggest; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, XRP, XLM, Chainlink and Polkadot. 

Watch How To Profit On Trades Like These...

What you're seeing today, are the results of years of development culminating in a proven, battle-tested trading system that virtually anyone can take and apply in the real world on any asset class...

Introducing Trend Profiteer 2.0

Now Optimized for Forex, Gold and Crypto 
Trades Safely Only Within the Higher Trend
Identifies Major Trends & Swings Before They Happen
Manages Trades Semi or Fully Automatically
Cusomizable for Any Trading Chart or Asset Class
Works on Any Timeframe
Remote Operation Capable
Can Trade Manually & Manage Automatically
Aggressive or Conservative Modes
Split Trade Ready With Multiple Trailing Options
Money Management Intelligence

Hi, I'm Michael Nurok and Welcome to Trend Profiteer

Today, you will see some really cool trading technology that was previously not possible... and you will learn why our system, built with intelligent algorithms, has a win-rate of over 85% and is incredibly easy to use so even a complete beginner can make life-changing sums of money, quickly and safely. Everything is based on real-world results and it is totally possible for you to be successful. So, who am I and why should you pay attention?

I was one of those introverted computer guys back in the 80's. I did a business degree and majored in information technology. My career as a Programmer and Analyst had me solving complex problems with intelligent digital solutions. I was part of the dot com boom and was a  retail dropshipping innovator. Through a relationship with a professional wall street trader, I became totally immersed with trading and particularly, quant-based artificial intelligence for the development of results-driven market trading systems.

A great system is the most effective way to achieve great results. Once you're ready to get started, click any of the links and I'll see you on the inside to help you become the super trader you can be!

How It Works

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Controlled Remotely

The Package

You get all Indicators, the Expert Advisor, Userguides, Training Manuals, Training Videos, Cheatsheets and bonuses

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Start in 3 Steps

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Got Questions Still?

Does this system give me clear take profit signals?

YES. When you learn how the indicators work, you will have ZERO DOUBT when you should bank your profits… PLUS the trade assistant can be programmed any way you wish to secure your profits for you.?

Will you help me with money management and risk management?

Yes. There is a complete module in the bonus Trader Best Practices video series that covers this topic in great detail. Money management is a crucial part of successful and profitable trading and the Trend Profiteer System uses a special risk reduction strategy so you can get up to a 20:1 reward:risk ratio on your trades.

How do I identify the daily direction for sure?

The Trend Profiteer System tracks 3 higher timeframes for you and has an overall trend indicator so you will never need to guess the direction of the trend.

What’s the best method for entering a trade to provide the highest potential to profit?

You are given multiple, effective styles of trading for each possible market condition so you can maximize your profits on each trade, no matter what’s going on in the markets. There is no one set rule, it depends on the market conditions and your ability to adapt. The trend Profiteer System makes adapting easy.

How can I achieve consistency with my trading?

The Trend Profiteer System has a simple set of trading rules that anyone can follow. To be consistent, all you have to do is follow the easy rules every time you place a trade. Consistency is built into the very fabric of this system.

How do I know for sure when I should cut my losses?

The Trend Profiteer System dynamically creates the optimum stop loss levels for you (it’s also fully customizable) and your risk will always be minimal compared to your profit potential. Just stick to the rules and let your stop-loss do it’s job and you never have to worry about cutting your losses again.

How can I be successful at trading when I have a full time job and have limited time to trade.

Even if you work 12 hours a day, you can find 30-60 minutes a day to trade. If you do this 5 days a week, by the end of the month you will have traded for 10-20 hours a month, which is more than enough time to see a healthy return. Also, the Trend Profiteer System actively manages your trades for you, so you don’t have to watch the charts once you place a trade and you can even use the advanced trade advisor to trigger trades from any location. It takes about 5 seconds once you receive a notification on your mobile phone. You can do this while you work, depending on your job.

How can I identify entry signals that will return a profit?

The Trend Profiteer System provides crystal clear entry signals and simple rules that completely removes the guesswork from your trading so you know exactly when to enter trades.

How can I make a consistently increasing equity curve?

The secret to a consistently increasing equity curve is to use solid a money management plan (supplied with the Trend Profiteer System) where you only ever risk a certain, small percentage of your trade capital. When you stick to the rules, your trade capital increases as you win more trades. When you maintain risking a set percentage of your capital on a trade, your trades grow increasingly larger over time, naturally.

Why is it that everytime I enter a trade the market reverses?

This could be caused by many reasons however the most likely reason is that you are not paying attention to when the charts are approaching support or resistance levels. The Trend Profiteer System includes specific training to overcome this common problem that puzzles many amateur traders.

What is the best method to be consistent long term? Is it better to do intra-day trading or just go for 1-2 good trades per week?

To be consistent long term you need to lose the idea that you should aim for a certain number of trades in any given time frame. The market conditions and the rules of your system determine when you should trade, always. Sometimes you might go a couple of days without the right conditions for trading and some days you might have 4 different currency charts that line up for multiple big money trades. The Trend Profiteer System training goes into this in greater depth.

What is the most efficient way to time entry and exit?

By far, the most efficient way to time your entries is to have a proven system like The Trend Profiteer System and only trade when the rules of the system are met. The most efficient way to time your exit involves using advanced trailing stop-loss strategies. You get multiple trailing stop-loss strategies included with The Trend Profiteer System.

How do I obtain the proper focus to be successful with such a dizzying amount of options out there?

You need to pick one system, follow the step-by-step instructions and master the fundamental basics. The Trend Profiteer System will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. All you have to do is STOP surfing the web looking for new “tricks.” Focus your full attention on the training supplied with The Trend Profiteer System, reach out to me for support if you have any questions and use our community to hold you accountable.

How can I figure out the perfect balance between fear and greed?

The Trend Profiteer Bonus called “The Law Of Diminishing Risk And Profit Amplification.” This bonus addresses this problem head on and, because it is a LAW, it gives you an exact blueprint of how to achieve the perfect balance between fear and greed.

How do I get good hands-on training?

Enrol today in The Trend Profiteer System and you will have definitive, step-by-step training on how to trade successfully, including all the tools you need to be consistently profitable.

How do I stop losing trades?

If you are losing trades all the time, then the problem could lie with your current system, whether or not you are exactly following the rules, whether you are paying attention to support and resistance levels or something else. The quickest and easiest way to troubleshoot why you are losing too many trades is to share your trades with me and my community and we can point out the mistakes you’ve been making so you can turn things around quickly. Most of the time, I’ve found that a few simple tweaks can transform a losing account into a winning account.

How do I adapt to ever changing market conditions in order to make profits consistently?

The Trend Profiteer Bonus called the “Trade Grinder Report” and it comes with an accompanying video that teaches you how to calibrate your trading system. When you know the secrets to doing this properly, you can fine tune your entry and exit signals so you can remain profitable as the markets continue to evolve.

How do I avoid getting into “bad” trades on occasion? I know that losing trades is part of being a successful trader, but I would appreciate a method of avoiding the occasional large loss that spoils my otherwise successful trading progress and account growth.

When you use a solid money and risk management plan, you should never ever suffer a large loss. The Trend Profiteer method uses a specific money and risk management plan that ensures that when you lose a trade (because you will lose trades, we all do) that the amount you lose is a tiny fraction of the money you stand to win. Perhaps your current system gives you a poor reward:risk ratio? With the Trend Profiteer System the reward:risk ratio can be all the way up to 20:1, meaning you stand to win 20 times as much as you are risking.

When trading, what is the best indicator (signal) that will say get out of this trade now because I get out too early on some and too late on others?

The secret to getting in and out of trades at the right time comes down to how effective your system is, how closely you adhere to the rules of your system and your use of an effective stop-loss and take profit strategy. The best way to trade is to be stopped-out or when your profit target is hit. Even winning trades should be stopped out using a trailing stop-loss in order to fully maximize your winning potential. If you are unsure what all of this means, don’t worry, you will know exactly what it means when you join us.

Is this a complete trading system I can have confidence in and is there proof it works?

Yes, the Trend Profiteer System contains everything you need. When you stick to the rules you can have full confidence in the system because it’s the exact system I use and it made me almost $50,000.00 inside a 30 day period. There are multiple proof statements on this page for you to analyze. It’s illegal for me to make untrue claims and the Forex industry is policed heavily. If I were to lie about the results I’ve achieved, my entire business would be closed down and I could face prison. All the proof you need can be found higher up this page. PLUS, you can try out my system for a full 60 days and if at anytime you decide it’s not worth the low investment, you can get your $697 back through my iron-clad money-back guarantee.

How do I know which currency pairs are most likely to yield a profit?

All currency pairs can yield a profit, however it changes on an almost daily basis. When there is a lot of volatility in the markets, this is when you can make the most money and we are just getting started on one of the most volatile periods in living memory. When you join the Trend Profiteer System, you will hear from me every single week on the live web classes and I will share the currency pairs that are worth paying closest attention to at that point in time.

Where does the losses go when I lose a trade and where does the profit come from when I win a trade in the Forex markets?

At all times, there are people buying certain currencies and other people selling the same currency. Each currency pair has an exchange rate that fluctuates constantly based upon a number of different factors. To give an easy to understand example, imagine you go on holiday from Britain to the USA. You have £100 in your pocket and the exchange rate to turn your money into US Dollars is 1.300. This means you would get $130 in exchange for your £100. (Forgetting about fees for now.) The thing is, the week before, the exchange rate was 1.200. If you had converted your currency the previous week, you would have only received $120 in exchange for your £100. You can see that you pocketed an extra $10 in this example, based upon the exchange rate when you “sold” your British Pounds in exchange for US Dollars. This is a simplified description to help you understand where the profit and loss comes from. It all comes down to the difference between the exchange rates when you open your trade (buy USD in exchange for GBP) and when you close your trade (sell USD in exchange for GBP.)

How do I perform swing trades consistently with an accuracy of 80% or better, each time?

The Trend Profiteer System... for complete beginners it tends to have an average success rate of between 70-80% when the rules of the system are followed. As you gain more experience and learn the more advanced strategies you get access to when you join us, the success rate can easily climb to 85%+, and this system allows you to trade both trends and swings with ease.

Is there such a thing as a “Holy Grail” trading system?

This is a term that many people use to describe a consistently profitable trading system. So yes, by this definition “Holy Grail” systems do exist, with the Trend Profiteer System being one of them. If you want to have a “Holy Grail” system you simply need to master using any system that consistently delivers a return on your investment. Join us and commit to sticking with the Trend Profiteer System, attend the training classes, seek feedback when you have losing trades and you will be well on your way to experiencing the thrill of earning money from the markets consistently. You can then boast of owning a “Holy Grail” system.

How do I build up my ability to be a patient trader?

The “Trend Profiteer Success Principles Video Course,” educate you on why you should never overtrade, which is a problem most amateurs face. After the training, you will fully understand why overtrading is a mug’s game. You will learn specific principles to help you be a more patient, and thus successful trader.

Is trading an art or a science?

I’d say that coming up with your own reliable, profitable trading system is definitely an art that takes years to master, however if you follow the rules of an established, proven system, it’s definitely more of a science. When you join the Trend Profiteer System, you will have the exact blueprint that can literally transform your bank balance if you simply follow the rules, attend the training and manage your money the way I show you in the training.

Can an average guy like me with a moderate understanding of the Forex market make a full time living with this program?

YES. Even complete beginners can learn how to make money consistently with the Trend Profiteer System. If you have a moderate understanding already, then you’ll be able to hit the road running.

How long will it take a learner to be proficient in Forex trading?

This all depends on how much time you can invest in learning the system. Some people are able to go through everything quickly and they can be up and running making money in a few days, other people take a few weeks and others take a few months. It all comes down to you. I can teach anyone to trade profitably, but ultimately it’s up to you to turn up and do the “work” involved to learn the system. Trading Forex, like any skill, takes practice. Even when you first learned to tie your shoelaces, it took repeated practice before you could do it. When you join us, you will be taking the shortcut to success because you already know in advance that if you just go through the steps, your new system has been proven time and again to be profitable.

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