August Trade History Summary

“The secret to capital growth is to have consistent good trading months.”

Hi, We just topped our best month (July) in August with a whopping 3,033 pips generated. That means this year we’ve had a staggering 100% monthly success rate!

The last few months have pushed up our average pips per month (over the last 51 months) to 440 pips, with our 2016 monthly average exploding to 1,471 pips since we’ve incorporated new resources, systems and technology.

Our Top 10 “Trades of the Month” in August 2016 were;

* GBPAUD Buy at 1.6950 on August 17 for 600 pips
* GBPNZD Sell at 1.8280 on August 5 for 530 pips
* GBPCAD Buy at 1.6785 on August 17 for 470 pips
* USDCHF Buy at 0.9630 on August 22 for 200 pips
* GBPUSD Buy at 1.3137 on August 31 for 183 pips
* USDJPY Buy at 1.3225 on August 26 for 175 pips
* USDCAD Buy at 1.2895 on August 22 for 160 pips
* EURJPY Buy at 114.09 on August 30 for 141 pips
* GBPCHF Sell at 1.2810 on August 8 for 140 pips
* USDCHF Sell at 0.9740 on August 11 for 130 pips


And the above does not take into account our bonus Gold signals with the best making 2,050 pips on a Sell on August 5 at $1,360.50

This year, we have generated a total of 11,773 pips in Forex signals and we’re looking forward to banking a lot more pips over the coming weeks and months as major global events continue to provide profitable opportunities with huge potential returns.

What this means to us as traders, is guaranteed volatility, causing huge moves in the market, resulting in massive potential profits.

If you have not joined us yet, trial our service today. We offer a 60 day money-back guarantee and we’re focused on just one thing… getting you results.

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