“Who cares about that worthless piece of digital junk” I hear many of you say…

I do.

You see.. 1 cent equals 1 pip. $1 equals 100 pips. $100 equals 10,000 pips, and so on…

And with Bitcoin, price can move a LOT in just a few hours.

My last trade posted online showed me shorting (selling) Bitcoin at $38,484.86 and riding it all the way down to $30,943.10

That’s 754,176 pips!

The trade made $7,119.

It was 1 trade. I took it on April 30 and it ran until May 13, lasting under 14 days.

And it used just 1.0 lot, made up of 2 split trades; a 0.60 lot and a 0.40 lot.

It took 5 minutes of my time.

The above trade is posted as the 1st trade video here – https://trendprofiteer.com/special-offer

So back to the question… Is Bitcoin crashing to zero?

Answer: I don’t know but I’m going to do my best to profit whichever way it goes. Currently, price is overall downward, under pressure on the Daily, Weekly & Monthly. So right now, it makes sense to look for trade opportunities to the downside.

It’s on Metatrader, just like Forex, but with high volatility so I suggest you consider looking into it further… and v3.0 of my Trend Profiteer software is fine-tuned to reap the rewards.

Check it out here and let me know what you think – https://trendprofiteer.com/special-offer

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