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Imagine… having a trading system that you could rely on to replace your income every week... even if you’re a complete trading beginner with zero experience...

A trading system so smart… that it takes into account a level of data that would normally require a full team of living, breathing, top-level financial analysts to keep track of... giving you all the necessary data you require to make consistent, reliable and profitable trading decisions, based on EXACTLY what the currency markets are saying at any given second, throughout the trading day…

So you, as a normal, everyday man or woman, can navigate your way through the currency markets with the grace and poise of an Olympic ice skater, as you skillfully weave your way through the markets, avoiding the traps that so many people hurtle headlong into when they start trading Forex… 

Allowing you to pocket more than a monthly wage in a single day… repeatedly… again and again.

Using A Proven, Step-By-Step System That Could Transform You Into A Trading Genius...

Who Can Make Money On Demand For Yourself and Your Family

From: Michael Nurok & The Trend Profiteer Team

Michael Nurok

Hi, my name is Michael Nurok.

And welcome to the Trend Profiteer Premium Trade Management Software and Group Mentoring Program.

As you read through this page and watch all the live trade videos, you are going to see a staggering advancement in Forex trading technology and it’s ability to line even the greenest trader’s pockets with an almost unlimited wad of $100.00 bills, or Benjamin Franklin’s as I like to call them.

What you’re about to see just a short time ago wasn’t even possible for a trading beginner to do… that is, come in off the street and, from a standing start, make consistently profitable trades that bring home $100 a trade, $500.00 a trade, $2,100.00 a trade all the way up to a possible $12,000.00+ on a single trade.

And I’m going to show you throughout the rest of this page how simple it is for you to experience those same results.

By the end of our time here together, you’ll not only understand why this new style of trading, called Trend Profiteering, has a trade success ratio of over 80%

More importantly, you’ll understand how it’s possible for even a complete beginner to get started today and make life changing sums of money…When you use the Trend Profiteer technology to it’s fullest…

And more importantly… you’ll understand exactly how to set yourself up with this game-changing suite of tools and education so you can experience an immediate and radically transforming leap in income for you and your family.

What If You Knew Exactly When to Buy or Sell... At the Precise Moment When Price Was About to Move Up or Down...


Welcome to 21st Century Trading That Actually Works… Proof...

Right about now, it’s important you see undeniable proof that the Trend Profiteer System is consistently profitable so you know you can make the life-changing sums of money you need to quit your job and live the high life.

So watch each and every one of the live trade videos below, and imagine that all of those winning trades are putting REAL MONEY into YOUR bank account...

As you have just seen with your own eyes, you are about to get one of the most powerful and reliable trading systems ever created - making money for you.

And we are just getting started….


Trend Profiteer Is Optimized For Outstanding Results

The Crazy Thing Is It Doesn't Matter If You've Never Traded...

It doesn’t matter if you failed college and have zero qualifications, or if you got straight A’s and a PhD from Harvard, the results are the same for everyone who uses this simple and easy to use trading technology to inform their trading decisions.

PLUS you will discover how to get a unique and special tool that can bring you up to the level of the big banks and financial institutions that let’s you cash in on some of the huge, hidden moves that happen in the markets every single day for the “first movers,” and you can get it for FREE… You’ll discover exactly how, further down this page.

Before we get into that…

Who am I anyway and why should you pay close attention to everything you see on this page?

Well, for a start, I’ve never had any formal training in finance, banking or anything remotely close to that, and I have ZERO finance related qualifications.

I didn’t go to some fancy school and I wasn’t part of any “old boys” network that landed me a cushy position in some multi-national banking institution because “daddy pulled some strings.”

In fact, my background is as far from finance as you can imagine.

Growing up, I was one of those computer nerds back in the 80’s who would rather sit at a computer looking over pages of code, rather than sit and watch TV

You could say I was one of the “uncool” guys back then.

Yet, despite all that, I’ve made a proven fortune trading the Forex markets… from home… starting in my little “office” in the “junk room” in the small flat I lived in back then.

Now You Can Catch All Trends And Swings With Ease...

  • Catch the Trends

    Whether it’s a simple trend or a complex trend within a trend, Trend Profiteer will catch it

  • Catch the Swings

    Swings within trends can be ideal to enter the market or to add to existing positions

  • Catch the Pips

    Catch quick scalp trade opportunities as well as big-market moves to maximise pips generated

Now you can use an intelligent automated trading solution that exploits the core trend trading strategies that banks and trading institutions have been using for decades...

Not Bad For This “Uncool” Computer Geek From Australia...

Of course, I’m not sharing this with you to brag. It’s so you can feel comfortable knowing that I’ve already achieved the dream that you and most other people have when they start trading Forex… 

  • The dream of becoming self-sufficient

    and drastically improving your position in life without having to work in a job you hate or for a power-hungry boss who treats you like dirt…

  • The dream of choosing your own hours

    and staying up as late as you want and getting out of bed when you wake up naturally, not when your alarm shocks you into action every day leaving you tired and drained…

  • The dream of being able to afford anything

    at all you desire without having to worry about how much it costs…

  • The dream of being able to support your family

    while getting to spend as much time as you want with them…

  • The dream of never having to stress

    over money ever again…

  • The dream of every day feeling like a weekend

    because you are no longer a slave to the 9 till 5….

You Can Consistently Profit From Buy Trades Like This...

Everything you’re about to see on this page is 100% based on real world results...

These are the results that my proven, battle-tested trading system, strategy and blueprint has delivered for me… and it can do the same for you too.

Since you are here, reading this page, you already know how critical having a proven trading system and strategy is to your future success as a consistently profitable Forex trader.

You already know that having an effective trading system… one that allows you to replace your income from home quickly so you can experience the thrill of early retirement (or a better retirement)... is the lifeblood of every successful trader who ever made a living from this Forex game we enjoy playing so much…

And you will struggle to find a 6, 7 or even 8 figure trader who will disagree with that.

Sadly though, today there are lots of traders who think their lack of trading profits has something to do with how talented or how smart they are.

The FACT is…

There are some people out there who have mastered the art of making obscene amounts of money from the Forex markets who, if you asked them, would happily admit that they are not “academically smart” at all.

People who will happily admit they aren’t good at spelling, who would confess to being terrible at maths, especially without a calculator… people who never achieved anything even remotely close to what could be considered academic success.

Yet these same exact people have done what many “academically smart” people have failed to do successfully...

Because ultimately, being a profitable trader comes down to simply having the right tools... and your ability to follow simple, step-by-step instructions… to… the… letter.

In fact: In the years that I’ve been guiding and coaching traders how to be consistently profitable, I’ve never encountered a single client or student who wasn’t smart enough to make trading work.

And I have literally taught over 7,000 people from all backgrounds, including people just like you, the art of making money online from the currency markets.

If I’m honest, it’s actually the so-called “smarter” people who tend to struggle more… at first.

Whereas the people who might appear to be “not so smart” are the ones that make the most money.

See, the people who are academically smart think they can tweak and improve the rules by NOT following them… which is usually the reason for their downfall.

Yet if they could simply follow the instructions and put some basic, simple and easy to leverage principles into practice… then the only possible outcome is they would become rich trading.

Once you have a proven system with an equally proven set of trading rules... simple rules that identify winning trades more often than not... then your only aim is to memorize those rules and never deviate from them… not for anything.

Once you have a proven trading system at your disposal, money becomes no object to you because there is more than enough money out there, changing hands digitally every single day…

There’s so much money in circulation that each of us could make a million dollars every week and still not make a dent in the incredibly massive currency exchange market... the most liquid market on earth.


You Can Consistently Profit From Sell Trades Like This...

Your Secret Weapon To Make Massive Profits, Even When You Lose Some Trades

Once you have a proven trading system with a reward to risk ratio of up to 20:1 (meaning you stand to make 20 times the amount of money you are risking on a trade) it makes it possible for you to be profitable every week, even if you were to lose over 50% of your trades.

That’s powerful right there because you only have two choices in Forex trading…

Do you buy or do you sell?

At worst... it’s a coin flip situation… and you know as well as I do that coin flips average out at 50% over time.

At best… Forex trading is the easiest way to make money you will find anywhere because once you have even the tiniest edge that pushes the results in your favor, then you can’t fail to win at this game.

Once you have a proven trading system you have confidence in… a system you can rely on each and every day to tip the odds of winning heavily in your favor… you will never have any difficulty finding the money you want to pay for anything you need or desire in life because the opportunities for huge profits are just too plentiful.

It all comes down to this…

Every time you place a trade, whether it’s risking just a couple of bucks or risking a few hundred dollars, the principles for success are exactly the same, each and every time.

The thing that will determine if you are going to be a successful trader or not is whether you have a proven system you can rely on that has a simple set of rules that you’ve burned into your brain… rules you never deviate from...

And whether or not you can find a mentor that has the knowledge, talent, patience and skill to take you by the hand and show you the shortcut to trading profitably the RIGHT way

Once you can make trading work on a $2.00 trade, you can make it work on a $2,000.00 dollar trade.

That’s the beauty of trading Forex.

You start small until you master your system, and once you have it locked in to the profit zone, you ramp up your trading balance and sing all the way to the bank for ever more.

Trend Trade - Aggressive Buy

Here's a EURUSD trade taken on a standard lot as a Aggressive Buy Trend Trade. The trade generated over $2,299.18 and was managed throughout the trade cycle totally automatically to take advantage of over 176 pips.

The Real Reasons Why You Are YET To Experience The Trading Success You Want...

The reason you are not making the money you want from Forex YET has nothing to do with YOU.

The reason is simply you have still to find one of the “good guys” to teach you how… with a proven system that actually works.

If you have a trading system already and you’re not making money with it and you think that somehow YOU are the problem, I’m here to tell you... it’s not you.

It’s either:

  • Your system
  • The rules of your system
  • The information you have been taught previously
  • Poor money management
  • Lack of proper trading education
  • Not picking one winning strategy and sticking to it
  • Or a combination of all of the above

And therein lies the real problem for most amateur traders. Most simply haven’t received the right tuition and most haven’t been shown how a proven trading system works in the real world.

Combine that with the fact that ANYONE can log onto a trading forum and declare themselves an “expert”... and ANYONE can start a trading blog… and ANYONE can record a video on their mobile phone and publish it on YouTube in seconds.

The barrier for someone to appear online and claim to be an expert trader is at an all-time low and there’s no “quality control police” out there offering you protection from these crack-pot gurus.

It’s really not your fault that you struggle to find reliable information.

The problem is there is FAR TOO MUCH information out there and no real way to filter out the crap and home-in on the good stuff.

Everything changes for you here today.

However I’ve got some good news for you and some bad news for you.

The bad news is that as the economy gets worse and increasing numbers of people find themselves out of a job, more and more of them are flooding online, and many will say and do almost anything to get you to buy into their story.

Combine that with the explosion in the amount of so-called “training products” that are popping up every day… Where instead of focusing on the real meat and potatoes of successful Forex trading, they focus more on selling you a pipe dream that has never (and never will) exist when it comes to making money online.

The real major problem is the amount of fully automated “black-box” systems that claim you can just switch it on, let it run and it will make you rich.

You see: As trading technology (and technology in general) continues to mature and become more intelligent, your ability to believe in the claims made by the guys peddling black-box systems becomes easier each day.

Especially when people start spouting nonsense about artificial intelligence.

Allow me to let you into a little secret about artificial intelligence and it’s ability to trade for you.

Bloomberg reported in November 2016 that machine learning algorithms (artificial intelligence) fails at a rate of about 90% in live tests.


Swing Trade - Conservative Sell

This GBPNZD trade was taken on a standard lot as a Conservative Sell Swing Trade. The trade generated over $4,432.91 and was managed from totally automatically locking in profits as the trade moved in the intended direction for over 466 pips.

Bunch of Hokum!

Douglas Greenig, who has a Ph.D. in mathematics and is the founder of hedge fund, Florin Court Capital said:

“Most of the talk about machine learning is a bunch of hokum… when people talk about machine learning, I suppose it’s 65 percent a marketing gimmick.”

And Bloomberg themselves wrote:

“Hedge funds need a team of scientists and researchers and many months, even years, to shepherd a single algorithm from development and testing to live trading. That’s because most algorithms fizzle out along the way.”

So, the next time you hear about a black box system you can buy online, created by some unknown guy claiming to have created the holy grail of fully automated trading, ask yourself this…

If the world’s top hedge funds are employing the planet’s best scientists, engineers and mathematicians and they can’t make automated trading work, spending millions of dollars and many years testing their ideas...

What chance do you think a black-box system for sale online for a few hundred bucks is going to be able to do for you?

Here’s what it will do for you…

It’ll make you broke faster than you can say “where did all my freaking money go?”

The Good News Is...

Despite the failures to come up with a fully automated trading system that actually works... when you blend the right technology, with full human oversight, this combination continues to be the most dead-cert way for people like you and me to make a ridiculous amount of money trading Forex from home.

There have been incredible advances recently in the technology that is available to traders to assist you in making the right trading decisions that result in reliably insane profits being made by normal people like you, each and every day.

And that’s what you are going to discover as you continue reading the rest of this page.

The technology I have used to help me make over $1.24 million dollars so far is not version 1.0.

Rather, the technology that’s available to you today is more like version 17.4, with all the imperfections having been ironed out and improved upon, long ago.

Are there other trading systems out there that can make you this insane amount of money?

Yes of course, however they are few and far between.

However the truth is, the Trend Profiteer system makes most other forms of Forex trading obsolete.

And the traders attempting to trade without a system like mine are at a huge competitive disadvantage for as long as it takes them to “see the light” and get the education needed to bring them bang up to date with what works now and what doesn’t work anymore.

To quote that great Stoic philosopher and Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius:

“Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish.”

Trading successfully only seems difficult to you now because there are just a few simple things you’ve yet to find out.

And it’s those missing pieces you will discover today, which will make it possible for you to finally crack the Forex code…

  • Regardless of your current knowledge about Forex
  • Regardless of whether you have failed in the past or you’re a complete beginner
  • Regardless of whether you classify yourself as being smart or dumb
  • Regardless of how much money you have in the bank
  • Regardless of whether you believe you can do this or not

Let’s start with a simple definition of what a smart plan looks like for people like you who want to make money trading Forex from home:

A smart plan is a plan that covers all the critical bases when it comes to trading.

It includes:

  • Expert tuition from a true master

    of his art, that already has the success you desire.

  • Professional level trading tools

    Have your own battle-hardened, tested and proven suite of premium, professional level trading tools that act like a full team of living, breathing trading analysts providing you with the exact data you need to quickly make profitable trading decisions in seconds.

  • Full step-by-step video tuition

    so you can see exactly what you should be doing in every possible scenario.

  • Detailed manuals that explain everything

    you need to know with ZERO filler so you can focus only on the critical knowledge that either makes or breaks a trader.

  • A set of simple trading rules

    that are so clear and easy to understand that you can memorize them in minutes and start making money from day one.

  • Quick-start reference sheets

    you can refer to “at-a-glance” so you can get instant reassurance that you’re doing the right thing at every moment.

  • Direct access to a veteran trading expert

    who gains incredible pride from seeing you succeed, but also direct access to the other people like you, going on the same journey as you are.

  • Ongoing live training you can attend from home

    where you can ask any questions that come up as you progress to the next level.

  • Training on how to manage your money

    and how to manage your personal psychology, so you can avoid the traps that hold many amateur traders back from fulfilling their promise.

  • The ability to make up to 20 times the amount of money you risk

    on an individual trade so you maximize your winnings and minimize your losses.

Think about it:

How much higher would your income be, how higher would your trade success ratio be and how higher would your overall standard of living be...

  • If you had a system that acted like a real-life professional team of trading analysts performing all your research for you?
  • If you had all of the right education and support to quickly bring you up to speed?
  • If you knew right from the start that if you just follow my exact set of proven, easy steps that you would make all the money you need to be happy and stress-free?
  • If you had direct access to a trader who has already made over $1.24 million dollars using the exact system system as you?
  • If you could rely on being profitable with over 80% of the trades you place?
  • If everything you need to know was laid out in simple steps that anyone can follow?

Well... we all know that these are the fundamental things required to be successful at any new venture, and that includes Forex trading.

  • Analyze the Market

    Trend Profiteer analyzes the market FOR YOU, looking for low-risk trades with the highest probability of success in all currency pairs, on all time-frames, all the way from the 1 minute charts… right up to the weekly charts (including everything in between) so you can profit wildly without having to stay glued to your computer screen, no matter what time-frame you trade.

  • Identify Opportunities

    Trend Profiteer identifies every profitable trend and swing set-up FOR YOU, as well as the complex trend set-ups that occur each day in the markets. It does this with ease, with the speed and accuracy of a highly trained marksman so you can get in on the action in real time and fill your account full of cash.

  • Automate Trading

    Trend Profiteer comes with the highest level of automation right out-of-the-box so you can start making money quickly… while providing you with full human oversight and control of everything… including your ability to tweak the system to your exact specifications so you can enter split-trades and have the system manage them independently for you.


The Truth Is...

You already know that everything mentioned above is the fastest and easiest way to make this work. It’s exactly what you need to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be, in the shortest time possible.

We are talking days and weeks, as opposed to the years and decades it takes if you try and go it alone.

Up until very recently, everything you need was only available to highly qualified individuals working for the big banks and investment houses.

Imagine you had access to this kind of information back when you were 21 years old, where do you think you would be now?

The good news is, it’s never too late to start, no matter what age you are, because the money you can make quickly with this is unmatched in any other legal activity I know of.


However, over the last 18-24 months, the advances in trading technology and the increased volatility in the world markets have set the stage for incredible leaps forward in even more intelligent ways for people like you and me to hit those large, home-run trades on a more regular basis.

For example, if you had the Trend Profiteer system in place when Britain voted to leave the European Union in the Brexit vote, or when Donald Trump turned the markets upside down with his surprise win of the U.S. Presidential elections over Hillary Clinton, you would have been able to make an absolute fortune overnight.

With the Trump election alone, the Trend Profiteer system predicted to buy Gold (yes you can trade the Gold and Silver markets using the Trend Profiteer System) and Gold surged by 8,000 pips.

The Trend Profiteer system predicted you should buy the Japanese Yen and sell the US Dollar and the Yen rose by over 420 pips in the USDJPY chart.

And it also predicted that you should sell the U.S. Dollar against the Euro, and the Euro shot up by over 300 pips.

Imagine you had been prepared for those moves, you would be feeling as good as I do right now.

And don’t think you have missed out because in just 2017 alone, many of Europe’s largest, most influential countries are facing their own elections and referendums that are all set to have an even bigger impact on the world markets.

The Netherlands will have the chance to vote for the Freedom Party who have promised a referendum on leaving the Euro… which would send shock waves throughout the markets.

The French, one of the most influential nations in Europe and still reeling from the pain of the despicable acts of terror inflicted upon their population, face a surging rise in popularity of their fast-growing far-right movement which is also threatening to close the country’s borders and forcing withdrawal from the EU. This would have an even bigger impact on the value of the Euro.

The leadership in Scotland is looking to hold a second referendum on breaking away from the United Kingdom which would destabilize the British Pound.

And Germany, Europe’s largest, most influential powerhouse is facing their parliamentary elections and god only knows what would happen if they voted to leave the EU.

Add onto this the political instability caused by tensions in the Middle-East and the rise of ISIS throughout the world, and you can see that the markets are in for a rollercoaster ride over the coming years.

And those examples are just the tip of the iceberg in potential events that could cause the currency markets to surge in both directions.

The good news is, you still have a chance to get prepared to make a fortune in cash by becoming educated in how to take full advantage of the turbulent markets we insiders are looking forward to…

But only if you are ready to capitalize on these moves using a trading system that has the power to keep you on the right side of things.

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that these events have dramatically increased our ability as Forex traders to make huge profits fast, while people invested in the stock markets are having thousand and thousands of dollars wiped off the value of their portfolio.

That’s why Forex trading, done right, produces such a huge ROI.

Because you can make money not only when the markets go up, but also when they go down.


And these are just a few tiny examples of why having an intelligent trading system in place is so attractive for you, as an individual.

Some of the world’s most recognized investors, billionaires like Warren Buffett and George Soros, view the Forex markets as being “the holy grail of trading”...

What you’ve discovered here so far is just the icing on the cake when it comes to understanding WHY the Trend Profiteer Premium Trend Management Software is something you need to pay close attention to.

In fact, as you read further down this page, you’ll come to an even deeper understanding as to why you should stop everything you’re doing and soak up as much of the information on this page as you possibly can.

You will see videos of live trades showing how you could make up to $12,000.00+ on a single trade, you will see why the Trend Profiteer System is completely different to anything you’ve ever seen before and you’ll discover how you can get your hands on this incredible system and the world class education you get along with it, for a mere pittance.

You will understand more about:

  • Trend Profiteering
  • Trading in the Goldilocks Zone
  • Double-Edged Trading
  • Zone Profiteering
  • The Law Of Diminishing Risk And Profit Amplification
  • Trade Grinding
  • 6th Sense Trading
  • And More...

However, I’m getting ahead of myself here. You will find out what all that means in a short while. If you just want to get started, click the "Start Now" button.


Trend Trade - Conservative Buy

This AUDJPY trade was taken on a standard lot as a Conservative Buy Trend Trade. The trade generated over $2,049.79 and profits were locked in totally automatically with the trade amassing over 167 pips.

The Important Questions You Need To Answer Right Now...

You should be thinking about the impact that the Trend Profiteer Premium Trade Management Software will have on your current situation and how big of an opportunity Forex trading truly is for you and your family.

You could soon have the ability to generate hundreds to thousands of extra dollars per week and experience the stress-free life that having a lot of spare money lying around gives you.

It’s a truly life-changing experience when you finally “get it” and have the breakthrough you’ve been dreaming about and researching into for so long.

How much money do you need to make to feel financially free?

How many more months and years do you want to struggle to make ends meet?

For how much longer do you want to be counting every cent and wondering if you can afford to go on that surprise, week-long vacation for your wedding anniversary?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to send your children or grandchildren to the best schools in the country so they can get the best start in life and pursue their dreams too?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to afford the highest levels of healthcare, not only for you but for everyone who matters most in your life?

Wouldn’t you just like the piece of mind and protection that having a buffer of “money protection” grants you from all the craziness going on in the world, so you never have to be concerned over your future survival if the shit hits the fan?

What will owning a trading system that can deliver all of that - and more - be worth to you?

All of these problems could be solved for you in an instant when you make the positive choice to invest in your education and the tools that can deliver those results for you, today.

Think of the impact this will have on your life.

Think about how your day to day life will change for the better.

And think about how happier you will be when you start your real journey to trading wealth, rather than wasting precious time and money trying out the doomed techniques you can find freely online that never have and never will work.

The solution already exists… and you are looking at it right now.


Trend Trade - Conservative Sell

Check out these GBPUSD split trades taken on standard lots as a Conservative Sell Trend Trade. The trade generated over $3,028.48 and both positions were managed automatically locking in profits as the trade generated over 115 pips.

How To Take Ownership Of Your Current Situation So You Can Become Wealthy… Fast

When it comes to your current level of success with trading, or your lack of success, the truth of the matter is this:

  • You can blame bad products you’ve bought in the past.
  • You can blame the bad training you have received.
  • You can blame it on poor money management.
  • You can blame it on your neighbour’s dog who looked at you the wrong way when you went to the newsagents to buy your morning paper.

But the fact remains, you need to do something different if you want to get different results, and you need to stop playing the “blame game” and take full ownership of your current situation.

If you want to be a successful trader who makes your living trading Forex, accept that you have to start taking the actions that a successful trader takes, day in and day out.

Even if it’s just for 30 minutes to an hour a day.

When you take the right actions for just an hour a day, 5 days a week, that’s 20 productive hours a month… and that’s more than enough time to make trading work for you.

If you want to be a successful trader, you also need to start using the right tools to assist you.

A carpenter, no matter how much he knows and how talented he is at making things out of wood, can’t do anything worthwhile if he leaves his bag of tools at home.

Without his saws, his hammers, his screwdrivers and everything else he needs to do his job properly… he is nothing. He’s just another guy talking about how good he is at his craft.

And that’s what you want to avoid.

You don’t want to be the trading equivalent of a carpenter who forgot his tools… talking a good game about the things you might be capable of.


You want to be the carpenter who has the best power tools at your disposal instead of hand-powered tools... and you want to let the results of your trading do the talking for you.

You want to have the tools that allow you to make your money in the quickest and easiest way possible, so you can take advantage of more money-making situations than all the other guys you are out there competing with.

And that’s what you are going to get your hands on today.

You’re not only going to get all the premium tools you need, you are getting something even more valuable.

See, what most people need in order for them to “get it” is to have someone there to help, when they get stuck.

Someone who has already been through the challenges you face…

Someone who has the battle scars from years at the front lines, trading profitably…

Someone who has already made over a million dollars from Forex, just like you want to...

Someone you can get in touch with at any time who can keep you on the right track when you desperately need the answers to your questions...

Someone to encourage you to take action and follow through on your promise...

Imagine if, every single week for the next year, you could not only be told the answers to your most pressing questions, you could be shown exactly what you need to do to take the next step towards your new rich life… live on screen.

Would all of that make a difference?

I’d be willing to bet it’s exactly what you want and need.

And if so, you are going to love what you are about to see.


Allow me to properly introduce the most profitable trading system that you will find anywhere, so you can see how this revolutionary new system will help you in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine…


The Trend Profiteer Premium Trade Management Software And Group Mentoring Program

The Trend Profiteer system is a professional level, premium, trend-following and swing trade system… with a huge difference.

This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Before we dive into the details, watch this quick video which will give you an overview of the system itself, so you can understand all of the features below, and the benefits these features will deliver to you.

You have just had a taste of what the Trend Profiteer System is like.

It would literally take the average person hours and hours to manually do what this system does for you in a heartbeat.

Perhaps the most important overarching aspect of the Trend Profiteer system is the way it tracks the true trend on multiple time-frames for you, so you can tell at a glance whether or not buying or selling at any given moment of time is a good idea or not.

The #1 best-selling author, investor, founder and retired CEO of the The Vanguard Group, John Bogle, had this to say about trading with the trend:

“The genius of investing is recognizing the direction of the trend, NOT catching the highs and lows.”

So, the question you should be asking yourself is… what is the trend and how do you recognize it?

Simply put, the trend is an indication of whether more people are buying or selling a particular currency at any moment in time.

If there are more sellers in the market, the trend is said to be down.

If there are more buyers in the market, the trend is said to be up.

Now, let’s imagine you are looking at one of the shorter timeframes, let’s say the 15 minute USDJPY chart, and you can see that the trend is going down… is that enough information to determine the true trend?

Many beginners might say “YES” because it’s very easy to see when an individual chart is trending down or up.

However, if you were to look at the daily USDJPY chart or even the weekly USDJPY chart, it is very possible that the trend on the higher timeframes will be the exact opposite of the trend on the lower timeframes.

So which trend is more important?

Without a doubt, the longer term trends are far more powerful indicators of the true trend compared to the shorter term trends.

And the absolute, ultimate best way to trade if you want to be consistently profitable is when the trends on the lower time scales and the higher time scales are all in agreement.

When the weekly chart, the daily chart, the 30 minute chart and the 15 minute chart are all saying the trend is up, that is a very strong, powerful indication that you want to buy!

The Trend Profiteer Premium Trend Management Software tracks all of this for you in real time so you can make instant, snap decisions to sell or buy any currency, without having to labor over the research, so you can make faster, more accurate, more informed decisions, leading to larger cash wins, more often.

Darran Goodwin, fund manager at EEA Fund Management and expert on systematic trading strategies says it’s far more effective to ignore the short-term noise and focus on the long-term trend.

He was quoted on the Mail online’s “This Is Money” website as saying:

“Is the trend your friend? Being a trend follower I believe it is.”

The Trend Profiteer System monitors the trend for you in real time on 3 different timeframes:

  • The 4-Hour Chart
  • The Daily Chart
  • The Weekly Chart

So you can know EXACTLY what the true trend is at any given moment, on any currency pair, as well as on the gold and silver charts.

This is vital information that you would normally have to research manually, wasting literally weeks of your time over a year.

Darren also pointed out something very interesting in his next statement...

“During the course of a long term trend, there will be dips and rallies and investors may be tempted to try to predict or call these points in order to buy or sell, however doing so may prove unwise...
the real trouble is knowing when to get off the trend, and nobody really knows (when.)”

Welcome to The Ultimate Trend Management System...

Everything You Need to Profit From Simple & Advanced Trends

  • Professional Trade Entry

    The Trend Profiteer advanced trade entry system filters out trades that do not fulfill all criteria to ensure that only high probability trade setups are considered.

  • Advanced Trade Management

    The Trend Profiteer trade management software allows traders to manage trades in semi-automatic and fully autonomous modes to optimise opportunities.

  • Sophisticated Trends & Swings

    Trend Profiteer has advanced Higher Time Frame Analysis built-in to maximise Trend Trades and Swings Within Trend trades that are likely to succeed.

This is where the Trend Profiteer System contains some major new innovations...

I knew there must be a reliable way to determine when trends were beginning and when trends were ending, and I tested literally dozens of different ideas before I discovered the perfect solution.

And the solution is a combination of a few special factors.

The first of those special factors is a highly tuned “Trend Follower” indicator that measures the velocity or the momentum of the current trend.

The steepness of the curve gives you the strongest possible indication of when the trend is gaining momentum and also when that momentum is beginning to slow down so you can get some idea of when a strong trend is starting to “pick up steam,” letting you know you should stay in a trade longer...

As well as when the trend is “running out of legs,” so you can get advance warning that it might be about time to start planning to consolidate your winnings by exiting the trade.

This in itself goes a long way to finding a unique solution to the issue brought up by fund manager Darran Goodwin… “the real trouble is knowing when to get off the trend, and nobody really knows (when)”...

However, I wasn’t about to rest on my laurels… that was only part of the solution...

The next special factor to help you overcome the problem stated by Goodwin (above) was finding a way to measure when the price of any chart is being supported by the market, and also when the price is being put under pressure.

This is like a secondary check that gives you valuable, extra insight into how strong or weak any trend is.

And just to make things completely water-tight, I came up with two separate ways to measure if the trends are being supported or put under pressure.

This means you get a double check on this most of important of trading metrics, so you can cut down on the “false positives” that so many other trading systems give you.

What do I mean by “false positives?”

A “false positive” is when a trading system gives you an indication of something that turns out to be incorrect.

Going back to the carpentry metaphor, there is a well known piece of wisdom you should adhere to before cutting any piece of wood…

“Measure twice and cut once.”

And that’s similar to what your new system does for you here.

With the Trend Profiteer system you are given multiple layers of protection from these “false positives” so you can have unparalleled confidence in your new system.

In fact:

The Trend Profiteer System takes it a level deeper with the addition of a specially coded custom histogram that takes a third measurement of the momentum of the trend and gives a further layer of protection so you can know without a shadow of doubt when the trend is being supported or put under pressure.

This is like measuring the wood THREE times before cutting once!

You really can have the ultimate confidence in the trade signals produced by your new system.

Are you starting to see how much data analysis the Trend Profiteer System does for you, so you can make informed trading decisions without all the blood, sweat and tears that usually goes hand in hand with this level of deep financial research into every currency chart?


Swing Trade - Aggressive Buy

Here's a NZDUSD trade taken on a standard lot as an Aggressive Buy Swing Trade. The trade generated over $916.14 with 68 pips and profits were locked in automatically to ensure a successful outcome producing capital growth.

You can win… with much less stress and hassle than you think

Remember I mentioned to you above that there are a whole host of special factors that give you crystal clear indications of when to enter and exit a trade?

The safety features you just discovered already do an excellent job of that...

However, the most important safety feature of them all is yet to come...

Most people might have been happy with everything already mentioned, however I really wanted there to be ZERO DOUBT in your mind (and my own mind) when deciding when to exit or enter a trade…

So I went into full-on crazy scientist mode and combined all of that with the world’s most accurate swing detection system.

The swing is when the trend in the market changes direction…

And we are not talking about little corrections here... we are talking about the exact point where the overall trend completely reverses on itself.

These moments are some of the most profitable seconds in a Forex trader’s life.

Your new swing detection system, included as part of the Trend Profiteer Premium Suite, comes in the form of three incredibly accurate, custom coded swing prediction indicators so you get a visual display of when swings are about to happen.

This not only gives you the ability to exit your trades at the most optimum time to maximize your winnings, it also lets you get in on new, surging moves in the market so you can ride new trends all the way to huge profit... from the cheapest possible price point!

So when fund manager Darran Goodwin says that “the real trouble is knowing when to get off the trend”... you have multiple, automatic checks in place giving you the most accurate early warnings available to ANY trader in the market.

“The Trend Is Your Friend Until The End, When It Bends…”

Most people know the saying “the trend is your friend” however not so many people know the full saying, which could explain the difficulty most people have when it comes to trading.

You know better though, and the safety features inside the Trend Profiteer System… the safety features you discovered above… address all the key factors that will determine your extreme profitability and overall success as a Forex trader.

The key factors are:

  • Determining a trend exists and what the real direction is.
  • Entering the trend at the right moment.
  • Keeping your trade in the trend for as long as possible.
  • Re-entering the trend after market price corrections.
  • Validating the continuation of the trend.
  • Correctly determining when the trend has ended.

And this is just the surface level of the Trend Profiteer style of trading you are about to be initiated into.


“This sounds amazing but I’m a busy person and it sounds like I’ll be stuck to my computer all day, every day… Right?”


Wait until you see this…

Not only does the Trend Profiteer System do the work of an army of living, breathing financial analysts for you...

You DON’T need to spend all day in front of your computer to make money with the Trend Profiteer System.

Many amateur traders shared with me that they know they could make trading work, if only they had some way of trading around their existing commitments.

You Will Be Amazed To Discover That You Can Trade Profitably From Any Location Using Your Smartphone

This will completely blow your mind…

As part of your suite of premium trend management trading tools, you get one of the most powerful and accurate Expert Advisor’s ever made available to the public.

An E.A. (Expert Advisor) is a tool that scans all the currency pairs FOR YOU and sends you an alert when the market conditions align perfectly, signalling a possible big-money trading opportunity for you.

You will learn more about the details of the Trend Profiteer advanced Expert Advisor further down this page…

Swing Trade - Conservative Sell

The following GBPNZD split trades were taken on standard lots as a Conservative Sell Swing Trade. The trade generated over $6,339.64 and both positions were managed independently from entry to close locking in profits at key times.

First...you need to understand the game-changing innovation that makes Trend Profiteer different to anything you have ever seen before...

To begin with, our Expert Advisor makes it possible for you to never miss a profitable trading opportunity.

Picture this first common scenario:

  • You are sitting at home, reading the paper, and your computer is switched on, with your trading software running.
  • Suddenly, you hear an alert pop up on screen.
  • You go to your computer, you see that the Trend Profiteer System has identified a potential trade on the USDGBP chart.
  • You take about 5 seconds to analyze the visual safety checks, mentioned above.
  • Everything looks perfect and you click one button to accept the trade.
  • The Expert Advisor sets up your trade, including setting your take-profit and stop-loss levels.
  • It then manages your trade for you, adjusting your trailing stop-loss and even triggering a second trade in certain conditions. (More on that later)
  • You go back to reading the newspaper, then later on you see money has appeared in your bank account and you did practically nothing to earn it.

This is one way to use the Expert Advisor to free up your time however, you have to be at home to provide human oversight to the system.

(Remember, you already know that fully automated black-box systems never work and that human oversight is an essential ingredient if you want to be profitable.)

Now, if you’re already familiar with using an Expert Advisor, all of the above will be familiar to you, and you might even say…

“I’ve seen Expert Advisors that send notifications to your mobile phone, so you don’t have to stay at home...”

And yes, this feature is built right into your MetaTrader4 software. (The software you manage your trades with.)

However, the main problem with “mobile trade notifications” that nobody else is telling you is...

Yes, you could accept a trade alert with your phone, but all of the trade management that your Expert Advisor does for you on your computer is completely lost if you accept the trade using your mobile phone.

That’s the real truth that’s been hidden from you… up until now.

Also, until very recently, there was no way for you to provide the human oversight needed before accepting ANY trade notification via a mobile alert, because you cannot install a custom trading system onto the mobile version of MetaTrader...

Therefore, you cannot check the necessary indicators before accepting a trade alert because you don’t have access to them on your mobile!

So your only option is to trade blindly without performing the essential safety checks that you should be doing before accepting any trade alert.

That’s another dose of hard, unadulterated truth that nobody else is telling you.

Would you set off fireworks with your eyes closed, without checking visually that everyone is clear, before lighting the rockets?

Of course not, and you should never, and I mean NEVER, EVER trade blindly... unless you want to see your bank account explode into nothing, right in front of your face!

Unfortunately, this is just the way it is when you use the mobile version of MetaTrader, which doesn’t let you install custom trading systems onto it, like you can on the computer version of the software.

This is the information that other dishonest, unscrupulous marketers leave out of their advertising, to trick you into buying their systems.

They claim you can trade effectively with the mobile alerts when the truth is the opposite.

And apart from the obvious, underhanded dishonesty, these claims are incredibly dangerous to your bank account.


Because you are not told that when you accept a trade alert via mobile, that you need to watch the trade like a hawk and manually manage the trade, otherwise you could blow your entire account…

Because if you were told the real truth, you wouldn’t even consider buying the system for that feature in the first place.

So let’s examine this second scenario of how this “worked” in practice before you see how the Trend Profiteer System completely changes the game for you when it comes to real, informed trading - directly from your mobile phone:

  • Let’s say you are at work, and you get a trade alert on your mobile.
  • You click a button to accept the trade, without having the opportunity to check your safety indicators (because they are on your computer at home.) Essentially you trade blindly. You are not trading, you are playing the lottery.
  • Then you have to watch the trade, manually adjusting things on your mobile phone, because the mobile version of MetaTrader does not do all the automated trade management things the desktop version of your trading system does for you.
  • You have to remain glued to your mobile phone screen for the entire duration of the trade, especially in case you need to get out of the trade fast when it inevitably plummets. (Blind trading has that effect usually.)
  • Then your boss walks in and you have to hide your mobile phone.
  • He spends ten minutes talking to you about one thing or another, all the while you are in a live, blind, unmanaged trade with no idea of what’s happening.
  • Once he eventually leaves, you pull your phone out of your pocket to check your trade again and discover that the market has swung wildly against you, and you missed your opportunity to remove yourself from the trade.
  • You feel like a mug because you just lost your entire trading account balance
  • You feel betrayed by the maker of your system for not being upfront and honest about the limitations of the supposed “ability to trade from your mobile phone” promise, made to you when you purchased the system.

Most every other system out there advertises you can receive trade alerts on your mobile, but they don’t tell you that the signals are useless because you need to accept the trade blindly and then manage the trade yourself, from your mobile!

It makes the “mobile” feature practically unuseable for people who wanted to use technology to help them trade, while they are on the go.

That is, until now...


Manage Your Trades Remotely

That's right! After receiving valid trade set-ups alerting you of market updates direct to your device via the mobile Metatrader platform, you can then access your home/office computer remotely and take action immediately on all new opportunities so you can gain true freedom while, at the same time, never miss a profitable trading opportunity… ever again.

This special feature allows you to make money from the Forex markets around your existing commitments. If you would love to trade Forex, yet think you don’t have the time, this completely changes the game for you. You can trade while at work, while waiting on an appointment, when you’re out for a walk, when you’re watching TV… you can trade from anywhere... in seconds.

Finally, You Have A Fully Functioning, Reliable And Easy Way To Place Profitable Trades With Your Smartphone…

(Even If You’re On The 7th Tee Of Your Local Golf Course)

This is where Trend Profiteer completely changes the game for you:

When you sign up for the Trend Profiteer Premium Trade Management Suite, you will be shown how to do something miraculous that I’ve never seen anyone else teach.

There is an app you can get - for FREE - that allows you to access your desktop or laptop computer screen from your mobile phone, so you can place trades with your mobile phone, which is controlling your home computer... even if you are hundreds of miles away from home.

This may be hard to wrap your head around, however just read the next scenario and then watch the quick, 60 second demo video showing how it works, and you will get it and understand the implications immediately...

This works for every type of Android or Apple smartphone, and it works whether you use Windows or Mac and whether you use a desktop computer or a laptop.

Here is how the scenario plays out with the Trend profiteer System:

  • You install the FREE app on your mobile phone in seconds.
  • You install the desktop version of the app onto your computer or laptop.
  • Before you leave the house, you switch on your computer, load up your MetaTrader4 software and leave it switched on.
  • You go to work, or play golf, or walk the dog, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you get a mobile internet signal.
  • You receive a trade alert on your mobile phone.
  • You open the FREE app, which allows you to view your home computer screen on your mobile phone, from any location.
  • You perform the easy 5 second check of the safety indicators provided with your Trend Profiteer System, by viewing your computer screen via your mobile phone, so you can do the necessary safety checks before accepting or refusing the trade alert. That’s full human oversight right there.
  • You click a single button, using your mobile, to accept the trade, and even though you are away from your computer, the trade is placed directly from your home computer via your mobile phone screen.
  • You then get back to playing golf or walking the dog or get back to work, with the full piece of mind that your trade is being fully managed for you, because you triggered the trade from your main trading account on your computer, via your mobile.
  • Your profit target has been set, your stop-loss has been set, and the system will even trail your stop-loss for you to maximize your winnings.
  • It will even trigger a secondary trade for you if the trend is still surging once you hit your profit target, so you can make even more money when you are onto a big winner.
  • All without you having to worry about managing the trade from your mobile phone, like most all the other systems out there.
  • You smile and wish you had found the Trend Profiteer System sooner because you can literally trade from anywhere, even when you’re at work!

Watch this short video right now to see this 100% mobile solution in action and prepare to be WOWED….

It’s so incredibly easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy in the slightest…

In fact, it’s far easier to setup and use, than it is for me to describe it, so watch this quick video and everything will become clear to you…

Wait until you see this beast in action… trust me, you want it.

Right about now, you should be grinning like the cat who got the cream because this really is a game changer. 

Imagine how much freedom you will have when you start using the Trend Profiteer system for yourself.

You can literally be notified of profitable trading opportunities, even when you’re at work or doing any other activity...

Using nothing more than your mobile phone, you can accept unlimited trade alerts while retaining full human oversight of every trade... before the Trend Profiteer System fully manages and optimizes all your trades on autopilot….

And it does this no matter where you are, as long as your mobile phone can connect to the internet, using wifi or your mobile data package.

This changes the game for us traders... the same way Apple changed the game when they released the iPhone for the first time to an unsuspecting public on January 9th, 2007.

And it’s thanks to the birth of the smartphone that the Trend Profiteer innovations could take place.


You Can Automate Trades So You Can Exploit All Trends And Swings 24 Hours Per Day

You can take advantage of Trend Profiteer’s genuine, intelligent automation features because it will enter, manage and exit trades for you with a single click of a button. It will even find the low-risk/high-reward trading opportunities for you… 24 hours per day… as the perfect set-ups develop, on every currency pair.
You can use Trend Profiteer to seek out and generate pips in all markets whether the trend is up, down or sideways... no matter where you are or what you’re doing… so you can still make huge sums of money even if you’re busy. Plus, the 7 built-in, automated trailing stop-loss methods will maximize your takings.

Here's what you gain from using Trend Profiteer…


Everything you have learned so far is just a tiny fraction of the reasons why the Trend Profiteer System will change your life for the better...

So before we list everything you are going to get… Including the most generous, comprehensive set of bonuses I ever released, which are truly worth more to you than the trading system itself...

Here are just some of the tips and benefits you gain when you get the Trend Profiteer System:

A trading system that filters out all the noise so you can focus on the important, money making signals.

The most advanced automation of the only parts of trading you should automate, so you retain full control over your destiny rather than handing it completely over to a computer. (You already know fully automated ‘bots are a recipe for failure.)

Why you should always remain patient with your trading and how to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of trading for trading’s sake so your account balance can grow faster.

How to understand your indicators at a deeper level so you understand WHY the rules should never be broken so you can be consistently profitable.

How to identify the perfect trade entry points using multiple, trade verification safety checks so you can have unparallelled confidence in the trades you place.

The balance between short-term cash flow and long-term growth so you don’t get overtaken by greed and make account-busting mistakes.


Exact, pinpoint execution of trades so you can get in early with the market makers and hit home-run winners repeatedly.

The un-sexy, downright dirty way to increase your reward to risk ratio all the way to 20:1 so you can profit wildly even if you lose more trades than you win. (Which should never happen when you do this right.)

A secret, simple setup that almost always delivers 100+ pips when you use it properly.

The “Warren Buffett” style of money management so you never risk wiping yourself out and instead, grow your money consistently.

A simple, effective way to trade metals for all you GLD and SLV bugs out there. (The Trend Profiteer System predicted buying GLD just before it shot up by over 3,000 pips when Trump got elected.)

The fastest and easiest way to make a full time income trading less than part time hours.

A Jedi-style brain trick that guarantees you exit trades at the right time while keeping your fear and greed in check.


Trend Trade - Conservative Buy

Here's a AUDUSD trade taken on a standard half lot as a Conservative Buy Trend Trade. The trade generated over $652.30 with 101 pips and was managed totally automatically throughout the trade cycle.

Want even more benefits?

Here are some more tips and benefits you gain when you get the Trend Profiteer System:

How to take the pressure off by using staggered trade entries so you can keep the losses low yet ramp up the big winners when you catch a mega-trend.

How to rely on a 70-80% trade success ratio right from day one, increasing up to 89% and above as you learn the more advanced Profiteer strategies.

The most intelligent and reliable way to trade effectively so you constantly pocket profits.

The real secret to trading full time if you want to really supercharge your income.

Multiple trade-entry confirmations so you can avoid false signals.

Consistently use multiple time-frames so you can catch the big swings right as they happen.

The EXACT steps I use to decide when to enter a trade so you can copy my proven technique.

Almost unlimited access to ask me any questions you have so you can make this Forex system work for you.

The trials and tribulations I went through over the years that ended up with the Trend Profiteer System being so airtight, you could fly to the moon inside it safely.


A little known strategy that squeezes the maximum profit out of your take-profit levels, plus even more money on top.

Reliable, built-in alarm system, alerting you whenever the market conditions are detected as being perfect for major league trades so you can experience a life of freedom yet never miss a profitable trading opportunity.

A unique trick that allows you to fine tune your trade entry points based upon the particular market conditions that day.

How watching a particular Leonardo Dicaprio movie can actually improve your understanding of trends within trends and how they tie together to deliver massive profits for you.

Why it’s a big mistake to aim for a set number of pips every day, and how to instantly re-wire your brain so you break this habit that plagues amateur traders and leaves them broke.

How to plug yourself into the Goldilocks Zone and bank huge pips, especially if you’re a complete trading virgin who feels that now is the right time.

How to completely eradicate the pressure and stress you are experiencing right now, even if you lose over half of your trades.

Why scalping 10-20 pips per trade is a pauper’s game and the Bugatti level strategy you should deploy instead.

An incredibly effective self-confidence trick employed by pick-up artists that can help you remove all self-doubt from your trading game.


Swing Trade - Conservative Buy

This is a NZDJPY trade taken on a standard lot as a Conservative Buy Swing Trade. The trade generated over $1,401.14 and was managed totally automatically locking in profits as the trade generated over 112 pips.

Here are even more tips and benefits you gain when you get the Trend Profiteer System:

The big boys first mover’s strategy so you can play the same game the banks play to get on powerful trends right from the start.

Crystal clear identification of support and resistance levels for each currency pair so you can avoid entering trades at the wrong times.

The smartest prediction indicators seen on any trading system so you can anticipate and be prepared for when the direction is going to change.

The effect of leverage and spread on your trading and the insider secrets to keeping costs to a minimum while making the most of the leverage available to you.

The full truth about Forex trading including the bad and downright ugly realities all traders face… and how to work around them and actually use them to your advantage.

The full truth about Forex trading including the bad and downright ugly realities all traders face… and how to work around them and actually use them to your advantage.

7 simple and effective strategies so you can extract pips from the market on a daily basis.

Full automation of absolutely EVERYTHING you would want to automate, with full human oversight over the critical areas you should never leave in the hands of a computer program.

The ultimate system template you can install in seconds and an intelligent wizard that makes sure you never miss the perfect set-ups that occur on almost a daily basis.


Full critiques of LOSING trades and the reasons why they were losers… something most trading educators shy away from.

Watch over my shoulder as I show you the process for finding profitable trades so you can copy my technique and trade with confidence.

Why your trading plan MUST include larger time-frame trades including expert tuition on effectively trading the daily, weekly and monthly charts.

The insanely profitable way to trade around your current work commitments, even if you have a full time job.

Multiple safety protocols that practically guarantee you have a winning trading formula.

Psychological CIA style methods to help you master your emotions while trading.

The most accurate trend reversal indicators found on any trading system I’ve ever used.


How the market makers and their manipulations can make you rich when you know how to identify their tactics and join them on the inside.

Next generation noise-filtering system so you can remain in trades during temporary periods of pullback when there’s still plenty of action to come.

How to double dip the markets so you can profit in both directions when the swings happen.

A proven trading system that works on ALL currency pairs and ALL time frames… including gold and silver markets.

How to guarantee - without a shadow of doubt - that you gain massive profits in the long run.

And a whole lot more…

Including: Full access to ALL the training upfront, on day one...

So if you’re someone who likes to jump right in - both feet first - you can do that, however you also get a course blueprint and syllabus to guide you through everything in the exact order to guarantee you understand everything and make the most of your new system.

A positive decision was made to make the Trend Profiteer System (and the fully comprehensive support and training) into the last resource you will ever need to become a successful and consistently profitable trader.


This Is Arguably The Most Sophisticated Trend And Swing Catching System On The Planet… And It’s Precision-Tuned For Optimal Results

The key to your guaranteed success as a Forex trader lies in the intuitive and simple Trend Profiteer dashboard.

Many amateur traders make the mistake of flooding their system with so many indicators that it’s impossible to get accurate trade entry and exit signals.

That’s why the Trend Profiteer system has been specially designed and continuously tweaked so you ONLY have the necessary indicators needed to consistently make large profits.

Your success is guaranteed by the suite of custom indicators you see in the image below.

Let’s take a closer look at the Trend Profiteer dashboard:

This trading dashboard is the last one you will ever need.

It is the pinnacle of my 18 years of trading experience and each indicator works together like a finely tuned squad of Black-ops Navy Seals… homing in on the critical information that allows you to make accurate trading decisions every time.

Nothing is here for show…

Every single thing you see on screen is vital to your success and it’s so simple and easy to use that you will understand how it works on the very first day.

You’ve got my advanced, custom MACD that makes catching the trends (and big swings in particular) extremely simple to do…

You’ve got my customized Trend Follower indicator that turns from green to red and vice-versa whenever the trend is changing direction.

You have the buy and sell arrows that appear only when the perfect home-run set-ups occur and you can be alerted of those set-ups via email and mobile alerts so you don’t need to spend all day looking at charts.

At the top right you have the overall trend direction indicator that combines ALL the data from the multiple time frames to tell you instantly where the larger trend is heading.

Underneath that you have the individualized higher trend and swing arrows for the 4 Hour, Daily and Weekly charts so you can see more detailed trend and swing information.

This section is fully customizable and you will be shown how to tweak everything to make the system your own.

This section is fully customizable and you will be shown how to tweak everything to make the system your own.

On the left, you have incredibly sophisticated trade management data.

It tells you the stop-loss and profit targets for both aggressive and conservative trades...

7 different trailing stop-loss methodologies which you can customize in many ways to make the system manage your trades in any way you wish.

You can set it up to trigger multiple trades when each target is reached, and you can also tell it when to consolidate the profit in each of the multiple trades… (This allows you to risk just a tiny fraction of your balance at any time, however when you are onto a winner it ramps up the profits all the way up to a 20:1 reward to risk ratio.)

You can manually set your stop loss and profit targets or let Trend Profiteer dynamically set them for you based upon the market conditions so you don’t have to worry about it.

You can limit your system to only advise you of conservative trade entries or aggressive trade entries or both.

You can limit the system to only show swing trades, trend trades or both.

Plus more that will only be shared with you once you become a member.


Now let’s examine the Trend Profiteer Expert Advisor that’s unlike anything else you have seen:

This is not just your average, run of the mill trade assistant...

As you can see, the pop-up alert is set on Semi-Automatic Confirmation Mode which means it won’t place the trade for you until you do the easy safety checks (it takes about 3-5 seconds) giving you full control over each and every trade.

And when you want to accept the trade, you just push a single button.

My wife often calls out to me when she hears the alert on my computer, saying “Mike, the money button has popped up again….” which always makes me laugh.

You can also see that the Trend Profiteer expert advisor also recommends when you should place a split order… meaning you keep your risk as low as possible until it’s proven you are onto a winner, allowing you to double-dip profits.

The system will then fully manage your trade, including setting the optimum profit and stop-loss targets, and then adjust your trailing stop-loss automatically so you never come out of the trade early when the trend is surging… it gives you the ability to ramp-up profits without you having to monitor the trade.

And of course, it is fully customizable and you get full training on how to tweak the performance to suit your style of trading.

There is a fully autonomous mode that I like to call Skynet Mode that allows you to pass over full control to the system to have it trade like a robot.

I left that function in there because some advanced traders really wanted this feature to use only in very specific market conditions...

However I recommend most people stick to semi-autonomous mode, for the reasons explained in great detail higher up this page.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you use this, but you will receive full training on the safest way to use the automation features.

And of course, you learned already how you can use the Expert Advisor to place trades while you are at work using the FREE app I told you about above.

Everything you have just discovered comes as part of the core Trend Profiteer System, including the premium trade management tools and the comprehensive, step-by-step, over-the-shoulder, expert tuition.


Trend Trade - Conservative Buy

Here's a USDCAD trade split between two positions taken on standard lots as a Conservative Buy Trend Trade. The trade generated over $4,200 and was managed throughout the trade cycle totally automatically.

Starting today, you get full access to all of these tools and ALL the training mentioned above, without having to wait... 

So you can start placing trades
and making money this week.

You have full access to everything from day 1, including the advanced automation features that come with the Trend Profiteer Expert Advisor, also known as a “trade assistant.”

We are not like other people in the Forex training space who force you to wait 60 days before you get your full system.

With us, you get access to the full core system straight away because we know you will be so blown away by the performance of the Trend Profiteer System that you won’t want to give it back to us.

We don’t need to use sneaky tricks to force you to remain with us until you are past the refund guarantee period.

And we don’t send you the videos on DVD to give you the extra hassle of having to post everything back to us if you try our system out and decide it’s not for you.

This is the 21st century and you can access all the videos online right away.


Here’s what it’s like when you join us today...

Within minutes of signing up, you will receive full access to our private online members portal where you can download the full Trend Profiteer suite of premium trade management tools.

You get step-by-step videos showing you how to install your new system onto MetaTrader4 (the industry standard trading platform that most every trader uses) so you can get things up and running easily, with minimal hassle.

Then, you can read through the 70-80 page trading manual in just an hour or two.

This manual is concise yet contains zero fluff.

The idea is that the manual will act as a quick-start guide so you can jump right in and get your feet wet on a practice account.

And in just a few days, you will be fully fluent in the way the system works.

If you already have some trading experience, you can bypass the MetaTrader4 training and the basic Forex education sections... although they will act as an incredibly detailed refresher course into the fundamental basics.

The experienced Forex trader will be able to start making money immediately with this system after just a quick read of the manual, and keeping the quick-start guides visible.

However if you’re a complete beginner, you will be taken by the hand and will be brought up to speed quickly, thanks to the comprehensive introductory lessons to Forex trading and how to use the trading software.

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you are at now, we have you covered.


Trend Trade - Conservative Sell

Check out this GBPUSD trade taken on a standard lot as a Conservative Sell Trend Trade. The trade generated over $3,742.53 and was managed from entry to close totally automatically locking in profits as the trade moved in the intended direction.

Gain Full Unlimited Access To The Most Comprehensive Forex Support Network You Will Find Anywhere

A huge part of your future success will be the ongoing support you need to help correct any mistakes you are currently making with your trading.

In my experience, most traders are just a few tiny tweaks away from turning a losing account into a highly profitable account.

That’s why it’s critically important you have direct access to me and my support team to fine-tune your trading.

Even the world’s most accomplished sports people have coaches to help them make the tiny improvements that can be the deciding factor that pushes them to greatness in their field.

Take for example, Andy Murray, who became the men’s #1 ranked tennis player in the world in 2016...

For years he struggled to win the big competitions… the ones that matter most in the world of tennis.

Yet, he made the wise decision to bring on a new coach... in the form of retired tennis legend, Ivan Lendl...

Who himself had been a world #1 ranked player on 7 occasions during the 1980’s.

Ivan Lendl had the experience, skill and the coaching ability to help Andy Murray tweak his game and push past his limiting beliefs...

Which led to Andy Murray’s ultimate success of achieving his dream of becoming the world’s number one tennis player.

Think about this...

If one of the world’s top tennis stars required additional coaching from a master who had been there and done it already, before he could achieve his dream...

Imagine the difference it will make to your trading performance when you can call upon me to help you!

As you already know, I have made a very comfortable living trading Forex…

And if you want to follow in my footsteps... what better way to have me as your coach.

Over 7,000 other people just like you have chosen me to coach them over the years and you could be the next success story.

This is like you just started playing tennis for the first time and somehow you managed to  persuade Ivan Lendl to mentor you.

You know that scenario would never happen, which makes your unique opportunity even more rare.

I can help you take the shortcut to success because I have already been there.

Those doubts you have about whether or not you can make Forex work for you…

Well guess what?

I experienced those exact same doubts.

And like me, you will overcome your doubts when you have the expert coaching you need.

Add onto that the fact you can engage in live chats with other people in the same boat as yourself…

Other people who are going through the same training you are, using the exact same system you are using...

The result is you will experience the continued motivation you need… especially when you see your peers having the success you are chasing.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this:

“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend most time with.”

And right now, how many successful traders do you actually have a relationship with?

If you’re like most people I speak to, you are probably the only person you know that is interested in trading Forex…

Or if you are lucky enough to know other people with the same interest, there are very few of them.

When you join us today, you will be surrounded by people who are speaking the same language as you…

People who are going through the same challenges you are facing…

People who are seeing success with the very system that you will be using...

This incredibly valuable resource comes as part of the Trend Profiteer package and you will be a member of the family when you join us today...


Start Living The Life You Want...

Enjoy Family Time...

Aren’t you sick and tired of missing out on the best years of your children or grandchildren’s lives? Do you wish you could spend more time with your partner instead of going to work for the majority of your waking hours. Trend Profiteer makes it possible for you to be present more often with the people you love most.

Enjoy Vacation Time...

Imagine never having to apply for “time off” or having to ask permission to go on a family vacation. And imagine you could choose to stay in the most luxurious accommodation, in the world’s most exotic locations… without having to look at the price. When you trade with Trend Profiteer, you can treat yourself and your family to the finer things in life.

Enjoy "You" Time...

How many years have you sacrificed your personal freedom in order to work, just so you can pay the bills? Isn’t it about time that you were in charge of your own destiny? When you gain the freedom to do anything you want in life, at any time you choose, you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t get started on this journey sooner. Now you can do all those things you wished you had done over the years, but missed out on.

Here’s how your typical day could look... once you know how to trade profitably using the Trend Profiteer System…

Imagine this…

  • You wake up naturally without an alarm clock, fully refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s 8am, 9am, 10:30am or 1pm in the afternoon, it doesn’t matter. You’re not a slave to the rat race anymore.
  • You have a shower, make some breakfast for your family, have a cup of tea or coffee and possibly even go for a quick walk to get the morning papers. And you enjoy the feeling of freedom and control over your life that you never had the luxury of experiencing when you worked a JOB.
  • You get home, switch on your computer, load up your Trend Profiteer software and start checking through your favourite currency charts.
  • If there are no immediate trading opportunities, you don’t just start trading for the sake of it, instead, you set up the Trend Profiteer Expert Advisor so you don’t have to sit and stare at the screen all day, and let the software scan the charts for you, alerting you whenever a profitable trading opportunity presents itself. (On every time scale and every currency chart.)
  • You sit back, relax, read the paper, do the crossword, watch a film on Netflix, sit outside in the sun, play with your children or grandchildren… basically you can do whatever you like with your day because the Trend Profiteer System is monitoring the charts for you.
  • You suddenly hear a trade alert on your computer… the charts are lining up for a home-run trade and you get a little kick of adrenaline as your anticipation builds.
  • You go to your computer, spend 3-5 seconds carrying out the simple yet powerful safety checks but you notice that something isn’t right, so you simply click the NO button to refuse that particular trade.
  • You feel proud that you’ve finally discovered an easy way to avoid taking the wrong trades that in the past would have lost you so much money.
  • Then, your friend calls you up out of the blue and invites you to go for lunch, and instead of that knee-jerk reaction you used to have in the past… “I can’t because I have to work…” or “I can’t because I don’t have the spare cash…” you say “That sounds great, I’ll see you there in half an hour.”
  • You take a few seconds to set up your FREE app that allows you to monitor your computer from your mobile phone, knowing that when the perfect trade develops, you will be able to capitalize on it, no matter where you are.
  • You jump in the car, the sun is shining, you have your shades on and can feel the cool wind in your hair as you drive to your favourite restaurant to meet your friend for that impromptu lunch.
  • You suddenly hear an alert on your mobile phone… so you find a safe spot to pull over and park your car.
  • You view your home computer screen using the screen of your mobile phone, and you see there is a trade alert for the USD/GBP on the hourly chart.
  • You carry out your simple safety checks in a matter of seconds and feel the excitement building… this looks exactly like that trade set-up a couple of days ago where you made $2,712.34 on a single trade.
  • To your delight, you click a single button to enter the trade.
  • Then you continue on your way to the restaurant, in the full knowledge that your trade is being fully managed for you.
  • You arrive at the restaurant, meet your friend and order a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and you tell your friend about the trade alert you received on the way over.
  • Intrigued, he asks you about it, so you bring out your phone and start explaining what’s happening.
  • You notice that while you were driving to the restaurant, the Trend Profiteer System closed the trade for you, locking in profits of $862.52… and not only that, the system has entered a second trade for you and it’s currently sitting at just over $400 in profit, the trend still surging in your favor.
  • Your friend can’t quite believe how easily you make money… he shares with you that since his overtime was cut at work, he’s lucky to make $600 in a full week of backbreaking work.
  • He thinks you’re a complete genius and he admits that when you first told him about your desire to make money from the Forex markets, he thought you were being a bit naive and foolish. Oh, how wrong he was, and you feel selfishly satisfied that you’ve proven everyone wrong.
  • The second split-trade, which the Trend Profiteer System entered for you, closes out 10 minutes later when it hits the automatic trailing stop-loss, locking in profits of $593.18 making you a grand total of $1,455.70 since you left for lunch!
  • Even though you’ve had dozens of days like this over the last couple of months, you still have a feeling of disbelief that you’ve actually cracked the code to trading profitably.
  • You pick up the tab for lunch and say goodbye to your friend. He’s heading home to get ready to work the late shift, and you know he will only make $80-$120 for his night of graft.
  • You thank your lucky stars that you’ve broken free from that kind of life and head home to share the good news of your latest win with your partner.
  • You decide that $1,445.70 is enough income for the day, switch off your computer and spend some quality time with your family, with the piece of mind that you have all their needs covered and you are finally living the life you always dreamed about.

That might sound like a vision that is so far away from where you are right now, however the Trend Profiteer System makes this reality inevitable for you…

The only thing you have to do is give it a real try…

One thing’s for sure, if you need your current situation to change, and change fast, then you have to do something different.

And to the best of my knowledge, the fastest and easiest change you can make is to invest in a proven trading system like mine, spend a few days learning how to use it properly, and the transformation you desire is literally just around the corner.


The 3-Step Profiteer Trade...

Here’s exactly what you are getting today...

Trend Profiteer Premium Trade Management Software (Indicators and Trade Assistant) 

This is arguably the most sophisticated trend and swing catching system on the face of the planet.

You get all the highly tuned custom indicators, the advanced expert advisor, the complete mobile trading experience including full human oversight, basically everything you have read about above.

This includes the ability to enter split-trades so you

can conservatively build your capital while aggressively building equity at the same time.

Yes trading can be risky, especially if you are just starting out, however when you use the advanced strategies that this software makes possible...

You can quickly transform into a trader who isn’t scared of risk, because you will actively be managing and minimizing your chances of losing money, while allowing yourself to win up to 20 times the cash being risked on every individual trade.

Trend Profiteer Trading Manual

This detailed trend trading manual explains everything you need to know about your new system in great detail.

It explains the simple rules of the system, exactly how and why each indicator is necessary, how it all works together, and it also explains the profitable strategies that you are soon about to be an expert in so you can start benefiting from the markets at will.

This will, in effect, become your trading bible and

if you follow the steps contained within, religiously, your personal transformation into the profitable trader you know you can become, will become inevitable. 

Ultimately, this manual contains the shortest possible shortcut to get you from where you are right now, to the life of financial freedom you seek.

Indicator & Trade Assistant User Guides

With such a sophisticated system, it's prudent to have comprehensive user guides.

I've covered the indicator for manual trading and the Trade Assistant for semi-automatic trading so you can get the maximum out of your state-of-the-art software. As well as the written guides, you also get video lessons on everything, so you can quickly master the software.

Whether you are someone who likes to be hands-on and you want to become a master at all aspects of manual trading, or you are someone who prefers to use technology to your advantage, to automate the areas of trading where it’s smart to do so, you will be looked after. The Trend Profiteer software comes fully tuned for maximum earnings, straight out of the box... however you can fully customize and tweak multiple aspects of the software’s performance, to suit your own trading style and experiment with new ideas.

These two guides make it incredibly easy for you to harness the full power of this software so you can discover new ways to make your new system completely unique, and it's set up so beginners can make money with it easily, yet powerful enough for trading professionals to push the boundaries of what was once impossible to achieve on your own.

Trend Profiteer Reference Guides

The Trend Profiteer Quick Reference Guides are designed to provide you exact and specific details on every single parameter. It explains settings in depth and also the combinations you can use the settings.

When you first start using the software, it might be a few days before you become completely familiar with what everything does.

The level of functionality contained inside this software package is truly professional level, and like any professional software, it is capable of doing a lot for you. And rather than you having to search through the comprehensive manuals to find specific answers quickly, these reference guides make it incredibly easy for you to find the information you need, at a glanceThere are times when detailed descriptions are what you need, however there are also situations where you need to reference important information fast, and these guides are designed for the second scenario.

Over many years of teaching literally thousands of people how to trade profitably, the need for you to have these quick reference guides became apparent. The result is, you will benefit from these, right from day one, because others have already been down the path you are about to walk.

You Always Know Exactly What’s Happening On The Higher Time Frames

Quick-Start Guides ("Cheat Sheets")

These guides allow you to view the rules of the system at-a-glance.

Simply keep them printed out next to your computer and anytime you are about to enter a trade, simply go through the quick checks... in order... so you can come to a quick decision as to whether or not you should place the trade.

These quick-start guides make it incredibly easy to know when you should trade and when you shouldn’t trade. There’s no guesswork with the Trend Profiteer System.


Complete Trend & Swing Profiteer Training Video Course

This is my complete, in depth, acclaimed, step-by-step video training course.

You can watch as I walk you through everything you need to know to trade like an expert from the comfort of home using the Trend Profiteer Suite Of Premium Trading Tools.

The Trend And Swing step-by-step video course covers:

  • Module 1: Complete introduction to the Forex markets, so you fully understand why the Forex market is such a huge opportunity for you and it teaches you how to think about the markets in a new way so it becomes easier to make money from it.
  • Module 2: Full walkthrough of all components of your new system so you fully understand what each custom indicator does, and how they work together to provide the most concrete trading signals you will find anywhere.
  • Module 3: Trends 101... What are trends and how you can ride them profitably to fill your account with thousands and thousands of extra dollars, quickly. We also cover advanced Trends Within Trends training that makes it possible for you to boost your profits into mega-trade territory so you can bank hundreds of pips per trade. Scalping 10-20 pips a trade is not what you want if you plan to become rich from trading.
  • Module 4: Advanced Swing Within Trends training that teaches you how to use the Trend Profiteer System to accurately identify the exact swings in the markets so you can maximize your profits by being a first mover.
  • Module 5: Advanced Higher Time Frame Analysis for both trends and swings, including full explanations on how the Trend Profiteer system does all of this analysis for you, and how you can read the indicators to put the odds of picking winning trades, squarely in your favor.
  • Module 6: Learning how to trade conservatively the right way to minimise risk and optimise winning trades by choosing the right setups and the right times.
  • Module 7: Aggressive trading secrets that explain to you when it’s safe to be aggressive, how you can maximise returns by being aggressive, and how the right combination of aggressive and conservative trades will give you a far higher income than just trading with any one style.
  • Module 8: Full examination of the Trend Profiteer trend trading rules, covering all types of trade. (Conservative buy trades, conservative sell trades, aggressive buy trades and aggressive sell trades.) This includes examples of all types of trade so you can see exactly how to execute each style of trade successfully.
  • Module 9: Complete overview of the rules for each type of swing trade that the Trend Profiteer System allows you to do, again including examples of each type of swing trade you should look out for.
  • Module 10: How to follow the trend for as long as possible using a selection of advanced trailing stop-loss methods. This also covers split-trades in great detail PLUS the strategy I use so you can keep your risk down to a bare minimum while increasing your reward:risk ratio all the way up to 20:1.
  • Module 11: Trading Examples that give you guidance on how to identify the very best trade setups, regardless of the pair (or timeframe) you’re trading.
  • Module 12: Live Trades giving you a real "look over the shoulder" view of numerous live trades and how they are managed throughout the trade to optimise results.

Advanced Trade Management Automation So You Can Customize Trading Exactly The Way YOU Like To Trade

Everything is broken down into step-by-step, bite-sized chunks...

When you gain access today, you will receive your login details to get instant access to our special members-only website.

Everything mentioned above, including your premium trading tools, manuals, quick-start guides and video training, can be found inside and accessed instantly, right now.

You will also find our live text-chat community where you can chat with me and all the other members in real time, so you can get quick answers to your questions, as well as daily support and motivation.

Whenever you start anything new, sticking with it is often the hardest part... especially when you’re alone at home.

Our community features will provide the right environment for you to complete the course and we encourage members to get to know each other and share their experience.

And trust me when I say, we have some real trading experts taking our course and using the Trend Profiteer system, as well as complete beginners… each of whom you can tap up for advice and get opinions on your trades.

You will be shown an easy way to capture your trades as an image so you can quickly and easily share your trades to receive feedback.

This is often the best way for you to iron out any mistakes you might be making… often it’s easier to see other’s mistakes than it is to see your own, so this is where your community of peers becomes priceless in your journey to becoming consistently profitable.

It’s always easier to get to your destination when others have already found the way and they can give you directions.


Crystal-Clear Trade-Entry Safety Features

The exclusive members area is where you will gain access to each of the 52 exclusive, live weekly web classes…

Yes, each week for the next year, I will be holding 100% content-only, live web classes, reserved purely for Trend Profiteer traders so you can send me your questions and I’ll answer them live in this fully interactive experience.

You can listen and watch onscreen as I show you my proven methods for finding profitable trades… watch as I dissect trades that were unsuccessful (so you can avoid making the same mistakes)... and any other topic you need help or clarification with.

And if you are unable to attend any of the live classes, you can relax…

Every single one of the live web classes will be recorded and made available inside the private members area so you can watch them multiple times at your own leisure, around your existing commitments.


There are people who are currently investing $15,000.00+ for completely tailored 1-on-1 coaching with us

The good news is, even though it would be completely worth it to you, you won’t have to pay $15,000.00 to get access to this life-changing blueprint, software, training and the live web classes because you are joining us as part of a group.

This allows everyone to enjoy a huge discount, including you.

The actual Trend Profiteer software alone is easily worth $5,000.00 to anyone because you can make that much money on a single trade with this system, or easily do it inside your first month.

Remember, this is the exact same system I used to make $42,380.72 in 30 days… 100% proven and verifiable on a real money account.

Developing the system over the last 7 years has cost me in excess of $100,000.00 before all the extensive live-money testing and tweaking was done to get it to where it is now.

And that’s before you factor in all 52 live web classes with yours truly as host.

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who have attended any of my live classes over the years, you already know how I pour my heart  into each live class, along with the top level trading education I’ve become famous for.

I usually earn $500.00 per hour when doing small group training classes, so the live web classes alone carry a real world value of $26,000.00... so you are getting incredible value, especially when you see how small your investment is to get started today.


Intuitive Visual Chart Indicators To Simplify Your Trading

The Power Of The Trend Profiteer Premium System and Our Trading Education Will Work For Anyone Who Applies The Simple Principles Contained Inside This Blueprint, Including You...

Just before you find out how small the investment is to get started now

You need to know that you will also get access to 9 incredibly valuable bonuses…

Allow me to share everything else you are gaining access to when you join us:

Bonus #1 - $97.00 Value

“Trading In The Goldilocks Zone”

This is a special, extended video recording, plus detailed report that shows you a safe and dependable way to enjoy a higher probability of picking winning trades consistently.

It works regardless of whether it’s a trend trade or a swing trade, for both conservative and aggressive entries.

It takes advantage of a little know price-zone trick that not many people outside of professional circles know about.

This works with any trading system, including the premium Trend Profiteer System.


Bonus #2 - $97.00 Value

“The Double Edged Trader Report”

This incredible bonus consists of video training and accompanying manual and it enables a trader to catch the big moves in a trend or a swing.

The Trend Profiteer System already has mechanisms in place to help make this happen, however this is the advanced masterclass that shows you how to extract much higher returns from most market moves.

It shares a technique with you that allows you to bank pips while you are still in a trade, leaving you in potentially zero-risk situations that you can leave running longer.

This technique has netted me plenty of home-run trades and will transform your money-making abilities overnight.


Bonus #3 - $97.00 Value

“Zone Profiteering”

A highly detailed secret report and accompanying training video showing you exactly how to make money with this method.

Zone Profiteering is a special technique that shows you how to experience the trading equivalent of a gravitational slingshot effect.

Timing is everything when it comes to trading profitably and when you get the timing right and combine swing and

trend trades with hidden zones of profit, you can take bigger yet safer trades that slingshot into larger profits than you would normally expect to make.

This is an advanced yet easy-to-execute tactic that will take your trading profits to the next level.


Bonus #4 - $97.00 Value

“The Law Of Diminishing Risk And Profit Amplification”

Diminishing risk is a term that is often misunderstood by even experienced traders, however once you understand how this law works… and more importantly, how to apply it to your trading... you can make disproportionately large gains in your account.

This law saves you leaving profits on the table, and not only that, it helps you ramp up your profits by huge multiples.

When you grasp this law, you’ll be able to amplify your returns while keeping your risk capital as low as it can be.

The people who have already been through this training absolutely loved how simple yet effective it is and you are about to join the privileged few who truly know how to align yourself with this unbreakable law.


Bonus #5 - $97.00 Value

“Trend Profiteering Advanced Strategy”

This is a uni-directional trading strategy that takes the Trend Profiteer method and allows you to double-dip and even triple-dip the markets.

This training is delivered via an in depth training video coupled with a special report that reveals the secrets to exponential profit growth when you’re trading trends.

This advanced technique is waiting for you once you

master the Trend Profiteer system and despite it’s ability to supercharge your profits, when you have the basic knowledge under your belt, this technique is surprisingly easy to pull off, with ease.


Bonus #6 - $97.00 Value

“The Trade Grinder Hidden Report”

This superb bonus is like taking your car to a high performance car-tuning mechanic and getting them to tune up your car on their rolling road to instantly increase the power and performance.

You will discover how to calibrate your trades based on the unique and constantly changing market conditions so you can adapt and continue catching the big moves as the markets change.

This technique ensures your new Trend Profiteer System stays relevant, making it the only trading system you’ll need, moving forwards.

To make sure you continue catching the big moves at the moment they appear, you need to make a point of going through this advanced class, when you are ready.

There is a training video with examples of how this works and full explanations of the proven theory contained in the secret report.


Bonus #7 - $97.00 Value

“The 6th Sense Trading Report”

If you want to be one of the people who make the most money from every trade, you need to learn the secrets to becoming a first mover in the market.

This report and training video gives you an advanced ability to accurately predict future events in the marketplace.

When you learn how to do this effectively (which is

surprisingly easy when you see the technique) you give yourself the opportunity to get in first with the market makers.

Your new Trend Profiteer System includes the tools you need to do this, making it an incredibly easy tactic to deploy.

Being first on the battlefield gives you a clear, distinct advantage over everyone else… in the form of larger profits when everyone else jumps on board after you.


Bonus #8 - $97.00 Value

“Trend Profiteer Trader’s Success Principles Video Course”

All profitable traders have certain things in common that helps to guarantee their success.

The first thing is having a proven, reliable trading system that works. You have that now when you invest today.

The second thing is having a complete understanding of the success principles that all professional traders live by.

That’s why you get a full video series covering the essential parts of trading that many people overlook. This stuff is just as important as knowing your system.

The modules in this video series cover:

  • Module 1: How to and why you need to have a trading business plan. This is not some complicated, long-winded theory… instead this walks you through the easy steps to creating a trading plan that works for you and gives you the exact blueprint to the rich life you want.
  • Module 2: How to set achievable, measurable goals so you know whether or not you are on track in your quest to become a successful and profitable trader. Realistic goal setting not only keeps you on track, it also allows you to rise quickly to the level where you are bringing in 4 figure and even 5 figure trades with ease.
  • Module 3: How to control your emotions. This essential training is worth a lot more than you might first think. One of the biggest mistakes amateur traders make is forgetting about following the rules of their system, throwing away logic, and making emotional trading decisions. This shows you how to eradicate emotions from your trading so you can handle losses better and not get carried away when you’re on a winning streak.
  • Module 4: Balancing risks and rewards. Every money making endeavour carries some amount of risk, whether you are reselling goods for profit or you are trading currencies. The secret to winning big is managing your risk, and effectively reducing it. And once you’re in the money, that’s when you risk more. This will make sure you do it the right way.
  • Module 5: The right way to keep a trading journal. At first look, keeping a trading journal seems unsexy, however every person I know who has become a successful and profitable Forex trader has this major thing in common… They keep a detailed trading journal and refer to it often. You do this to analyze your winners and your losers. Your trading journal, if done the Trend Profiteer way, is an absolute goldmine and will be worth thousands and thousands of extra dollars for you over the coming years.
  • Module 6: Why overtrading will ruin you and the secrets to avoiding this destructive practice. Another major mistake new traders make is lacking patience and they want to get in on the action because of the thrill you get when you trade. However the thrill turns to misery quickly if you overtrade. The trick is to avoid trading for the sake of it and save your money for the right trades, the ones where everything lines up perfectly. This video will help you massively. Period.
  • Module 7: Learn how to be patient. This is the sister video to the previous module that shows you the exact steps so you can become more patient… leading to far bigger thrills when you tally up your winnings over the coming days, weeks, months and years.
  • Module 8: Balancing opportunity and failure. When you trade, you need to accept you will lose trades. In the history of Forex trading there has NEVER been a trader who won every single trade. You need to reframe your losing trades in your mind and accept that losing trades is part of being a consistently profitable trader. The real secret is NOT to go on full tilt when you lose a trade so you can avoid making bad decisions. This module will rewire your brain so you can operate like a true trading professional.

Bonus #9 - $97.00 Value

“Complete MetaTrader 4 Video
Training Series”

Whether you’re an expert trader or you’re a complete beginner, MetaTrader4 is the software of choice for most traders.

If you have tried using MetaTrader4 already, then you know that the software has a mountain of features you can use to make trading easier.

The Trend Profiteer System plugs right into MetaTrader4 seamlessly, just as it was designed to do.

Previous students approached me and asked if I could make a definitive guide to using this powerful software so I went into full-on crazy mode again.

The result?

You get an entire video training course, where each video is kept as short as possible so whenever you need to perform a specific task, you can find the lesson quickly and get the step-by-step video instructions with zero fluff.

This is an incredibly valuable resource, especially for beginners who want to get up and running and making money fast, however many trading experts have written to me saying they discovered faster and easier ways to do things they had been doing the wrong way for years, after watching these short yet powerful videos.

So, if you’ve never used MetaTrader4 you can rest assured that everything you need to know to use this incredibly effective software has been fully covered.


Bonus #10 - $77.00 Value

“Trading Forex 101 Video
Training Series”

This extra video series is designed to help beginners master the critical, foundational basics of Forex trading, before getting started.

Your full understanding of the principles contained in this series of videos will set you up for success before you plunge into the main Trend Profiteer training.

And if you’ve already been trading for a while, this is the perfect refresher course to consolidate your knowledge.

These lessons cover: Daily Trading Sessions, Taking Profits & Stop Losses, Trading Different Time Frames, Candlestick & Bar Chart Basics, Entering Orders & Splitting Trades, Lot Sizes, Risk and Reward, Support and Resistance Levels, Highs, Lows & Consolidation Zones, Moving Averages and Moving Average Crossovers.


The Only Trend Trading Software You Will Ever Need…

You Get All The Premium Tools And Training You Need To Make Money Consistently

  • The Software

    This software makes it possible for you to make consistent profits, day in, day out, so you can replace your income without leaving the comfort of home.

  • The Training

    The comprehensive, step-by-step training blueprint shows you the easiest path to wealth so you can gain financial stability, without all the trial and error.

  • The Community

    The community of peers will give you the feedback you need to overcome your challenges so you can get instant help if you make any mistakes.

So how much is everything worth?

Here’s the full value of everything you are getting:

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However, as you may already know, I’m on a personal mission right now to empower as many people as possible and help them break into Forex trading…

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In practically every country, the middle class are being squeezed and many people are suffering as the global monetary system teeters on the edge of disaster.

It saddens me to see so many decent, hard working people struggle when they deserve so much more from life, especially when you’ve worked so hard throughout your life to provide a stable environment for your family…

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There’s a major secret that the big players use in addition to trading the trends… and it requires you to take some key support and resistance levels into consideration when placing your trades.

I like to call these the “Macro Levels.”

When you use these invisible force fields properly, it allows you to deploy a hidden trading strategy to take advantage of the massive moves in the market...

And when these trades show up, you can laugh all the way to the bank…

Because when these unique conditions occur...

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It’s time to buckle up your seatbelt and prepare for the breakneck acceleration, deep into the profit zone.

This strategy is directly responsible for some of the biggest winners I’ve ever had...

And once you’ve been initiated into this secret strategy, you too will have incredible money-making powers at your disposal.

You get:

A special report containing the simple rules to use with this proven strategy so you can start using it to make huge profits quickly.

The Macro Levels custom indicator which plugs right into your Trend Profiteer system so you don’t have to do any work, the indicator does all the work for you.

An extra, comprehensive training video showing how this all works… in practice, so you can see how I use it successfully, and then copy me.

The exact presets I use for 23 popular currency pairs plus gold, as well as ongoing updates to presets for the term of your membership so you always have institutional buy & sell zones displayed on your charts.

No matter what trading strategy you are using, there is one unbreakable rule you need to cement into your brain…

“Buy above support levels and sell below resistance levels.”

This age old strategy has worked for decades and it will continue to work forever into the future, due to the nature of how the markets operate.

This final bonus is the missing piece of the puzzle…

If you’ve ever had the market unexpectedly flip against you... even when you were convinced it shouldn’t have happened… you can bet your bottom dollar that you landed on the wrong side of one of these invisible force fields…

While the big players were sitting on the opposite side, plunging the knife deep into the heart of your profits.

With this special “Macro Levels” bonus, you will join the institutions on the other side of the fence and experience the rush you get when you finally get how this simple, yet powerful, strategy works.

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Just in case you have more questions about the Trend Profiteer System, here are some of our most frequently asked questions...

Q. Does this system give me clear take profit signals?

A. YES. When you learn how the indicators work, you will have ZERO DOUBT when you should bank your profits… PLUS the trade assistant can be programmed any way you wish to secure your profits for you.?

Q. Will you help me with money management and risk management?

A. Yes. There is a complete module in the bonus Trader Best Practices video series that covers this topic in great detail. Money management is a crucial part of successful and profitable trading and the Trend Profiteer System uses a special risk reduction strategy so you can get up to a 20:1 reward:risk ratio on your trades.

Q. How do I identify the daily direction for sure?

A. The Trend Profiteer System tracks 3 higher timeframes for you and has an overall trend indicator so you will never need to guess the direction of the trend.

Q. What’s the best method for entering a trade to provide the highest potential to profit?

A. You are given multiple, effective styles of trading for each possible market condition so you can maximize your profits on each trade, no matter what’s going on in the markets. There is no one set rule, it depends on the market conditions and your ability to adapt. The trend Profiteer System makes adapting easy.


Q. How can I achieve consistency with my trading?

A. The Trend Profiteer System has a simple set of trading rules that anyone can follow. To be consistent, all you have to do is follow the easy rules every time you place a trade. Consistency is built into the very fabric of this system.

Q. How do I know for sure when I should cut my losses?

A. The Trend Profiteer System dynamically creates the optimum stop loss levels for you (it’s also fully customizable) and your risk will always be minimal compared to your profit potential. Just stick to the rules and let your stop-loss do it’s job and you never have to worry about cutting your losses again.

Q. How can I be successful at trading when I have a full time job and have limited time to trade.

A. Even if you work 12 hours a day, you can find 30-60 minutes a day to trade. If you do this 5 days a week, by the end of the month you will have traded for 10-20 hours a month, which is more than enough time to see a healthy return. Also, the Trend Profiteer System actively manages your trades for you, so you don’t have to watch the charts once you place a trade and you can even use the advanced trade advisor to trigger trades from any location. It takes about 5 seconds once you receive a notification on your mobile phone. You can do this while you work, depending on your job.


Q. How can I identify entry signals that will return a profit?

A. The Trend Profiteer System provides crystal clear entry signals and simple rules that completely removes the guesswork from your trading so you know exactly when to enter trades.

Q. How can I make a consistently increasing equity curve?

A. The secret to a consistently increasing equity curve is to use solid a money management plan (supplied with the Trend Profiteer System) where you only ever risk a certain, small percentage of your trade capital. When you stick to the rules, your trade capital increases as you win more trades. When you maintain risking a set percentage of your capital on a trade, your trades grow increasingly larger over time, naturally.

Q. Why is it that everytime I enter a trade the market reverses?

A. This could be caused by many reasons however the most likely reason is that you are not paying attention to when the charts are approaching support or resistance levels. The Trend Profiteer System includes specific training to overcome this common problem that puzzles many amateur traders.

Q. What is the best method to be consistent long term? Is it better to do intra-day trading or just go for 1-2 good trades per week?

A. To be consistent long term you need to lose the idea that you should aim for a certain number of trades in any given time frame. The market conditions and the rules of your system determine when you should trade, always. Sometimes you might go a couple of days without the right conditions for trading and some days you might have 4 different currency charts that line up for multiple big money trades. The Trend Profiteer System training goes into this in greater depth.


QWhat is the most efficient way to time entry and exit?

A. By far, the most efficient way to time your entries is to have a proven system like The Trend Profiteer System and only trade when the rules of the system are met. The most efficient way to time your exit involves using advanced trailing stop-loss strategies. You get multiple trailing stop-loss strategies included with The Trend Profiteer System.

Q. How do I obtain the proper focus to be successful with such a dizzying amount of options out there?

A. You need to pick one system, follow the step-by-step instructions and master the fundamental basics. The Trend Profiteer System will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. All you have to do is STOP surfing the web looking for new “tricks.” Focus your full attention on the training supplied with The Trend Profiteer System, reach out to me for support if you have any questions and use our community to hold you accountable.

Q. How can I figure out the perfect balance between fear and greed?

A. Bonus #4 supplied with The Trend Profiteer System is called “The Law Of Diminishing Risk And Profit Amplification.” This bonus addresses this problem head on and, because it is a LAW, it gives you an exact blueprint of how to achieve the perfect balance between fear and greed.

Q. How do I get good hands-on training?

A. Enrol today in The Trend Profiteer System and you will have definitive, step-by-step training on how to trade successfully, including all the tools you need to be consistently profitable, and you will automatically gain access to 52 live web classes where you can ask me all your questions live. That’s an entire year’s worth of live, personalised training. And if you need more attention, there are options to get fully one-on-one training. You also get access to my live chat community where you can get instant feedback on your trades and ask any other questions you might have.


Q. How do I stop losing trades?

A. If you are losing trades all the time, then the problem could lie with your current system, whether or not you are exactly following the rules, whether you are paying attention to support and resistance levels or something else. The quickest and easiest way to troubleshoot why you are losing too many trades is to share your trades with me and my community and we can point out the mistakes you’ve been making so you can turn things around quickly. Most of the time, I’ve found that a few simple tweaks can transform a losing account into a winning account.

Q. How do I adapt to ever changing market conditions in order to make profits consistently?

A. Bonus #6, provided with The Trend Profiteer System, is called the “Trade Grinder Report” and it comes with an accompanying video that teaches you how to calibrate your trading system. When you know the secrets to doing this properly, you can fine tune your entry and exit signals so you can remain profitable as the markets continue to evolve.

Q. How do I avoid getting into “bad” trades on occasion? I know that losing trades is part of being a successful trader, but I would appreciate a method of avoiding the occasional large loss that spoils my otherwise successful trading progress and account growth.

A. When you use a solid money and risk management plan, you should never ever suffer a large loss. The Trend Profiteer method uses a specific money and risk management plan that ensures that when you lose a trade (because you will lose trades, we all do) that the amount you lose is a tiny fraction of the money you stand to win. Perhaps your current system gives you a poor reward:risk ratio? With the Trend Profiteer System the reward:risk ratio can be all the way up to 20:1, meaning you stand to win 20 times as much as you are risking.


Q. When trading, what is the best indicator (signal) that will say get out of this trade now because I get out too early on some and too late on others?

A. The secret to getting in and out of trades at the right time comes down to how effective your system is, how closely you adhere to the rules of your system and your use of an effective stop-loss and take profit strategy. The best way to trade is to be stopped-out or when your profit target is hit. Even winning trades should be stopped out using a trailing stop-loss in order to fully maximize your winning potential. If you are unsure what all of this means, don’t worry, you will know exactly what it means when you join us.

Q. Is this a complete trading system I can have confidence in and is there proof it works?

A. Yes, the Trend Profiteer System contains everything you need. When you stick to the rules you can have full confidence in the system because it’s the exact system I use and it made me almost $50,000.00 inside a 30 day period. There are multiple proof statements on this page for you to analyze. It’s illegal for me to make untrue claims and the Forex industry is policed heavily. If I were to lie about the results I’ve achieved, my entire business would be closed down and I could face prison. All the proof you need can be found higher up this page. PLUS, you can try out my system for a full 60 days and if at anytime you decide it’s not worth the low investment, you can get your complete payment back through my iron-clad money-back guarantee.

Q. How do I know which currency pairs are most likely to yield a profit?

A. All currency pairs can yield a profit, however it changes on an almost daily basis. When there is a lot of volatility in the markets, this is when you can make the most money and we are just getting started on one of the most volatile periods in living memory. When you join the Trend Profiteer System, you will hear from me every single week on the live web classes and I will share the currency pairs that are worth paying closest attention to at that point in time.


Q. Where does the losses go when I lose a trade and where does the profit come from when I win a trade in the Forex markets?

A. At all times, there are people buying certain currencies and other people selling the same currency. Each currency pair has an exchange rate that fluctuates constantly based upon a number of different factors. To give an easy to understand example, imagine you go on holiday from Britain to the USA. You have £100 in your pocket and the exchange rate to turn your money into US Dollars is 1.300. This means you would get $130 in exchange for your £100. (Forgetting about fees for now.) The thing is, the week before, the exchange rate was 1.200. If you had converted your currency the previous week, you would have only received $120 in exchange for your £100. You can see that you pocketed an extra $10 in this example, based upon the exchange rate when you “sold” your British Pounds in exchange for US Dollars. This is a simplified description to help you understand where the profit and loss comes from. It all comes down to the difference between the exchange rates when you open your trade (buy USD in exchange for GBP) and when you close your trade (sell USD in exchange for GBP.)

Q. How do I perform swing trades consistently with an accuracy of 80% or better, each time?

A. The Trend Profiteer System... for complete beginners it tends to have an average success rate of between 70-80% when the rules of the system are followed. As you gain more experience and learn the more advanced strategies you get access to when you join us, the success rate can easily climb to 85%+, and this system allows you to trade both trends and swings with ease.

Q. Is there such a thing as a “Holy Grail” trading system?

A. This is a term that many people use to describe a consistently profitable trading system. So yes, by this definition “Holy Grail” systems do exist, with the Trend Profiteer System being one of them. If you want to have a “Holy Grail” system you simply need to master using any system that consistently delivers a return on your investment. Join us and commit to sticking with the Trend Profiteer System, attend the training classes, seek feedback when you have losing trades and you will be well on your way to experiencing the thrill of earning money from the markets consistently. You can then boast of owning a “Holy Grail” system.


Q. How do I build up my ability to be a patient trader?

A. In bonus #8, the “Trend Profiteer Success Principles Video Course,” modules 6 and 7 educate you on why you should never overtrade, which is a problem most amateurs face. After the training in module 6, you will fully understand why overtrading is a mug’s game, and module 7 teaches specific principles to help you be a more patient, and thus successful trader.

Q. Is trading an art or a science?

A. I’d say that coming up with your own reliable, profitable trading system is definitely an art that takes years to master, however if you follow the rules of an established, proven system, it’s definitely more of a science. When you join the Trend Profiteer System, you will have the exact blueprint that can literally transform your bank balance if you simply follow the rules, attend the training and manage your money the way I show you in the training.

Q. Can an average guy like me with a moderate understanding of the Forex market make a full time living with this program?

A. YES. Even complete beginners can learn how to make money consistently with the Trend Profiteer System. If you have a moderate understanding already, then you’ll be able to hit the road running.

Q. How long will it take a learner to be proficient in Forex trading?

A. This all depends on how much time you can invest in learning the system. Some people are able to go through everything quickly and they can be up and running making money in a few days, other people take a few weeks and others take a few months. It all comes down to you. I can teach anyone to trade profitably, but ultimately it’s up to you to turn up and do the “work” involved to learn the system. Trading Forex, like any skill, takes practice. Even when you first learned to tie your shoelaces, it took repeated practice before you could do it. When you join us, you will be taking the shortcut to success because you already know in advance that if you just go through the steps, your new system has been proven time and again to be profitable.


As you know, there are a ton of sub-standard trading systems on the market right now and many of them are just junk.

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  • Nobody will pressure you to stay.
  • You can click a single button and your $347 will be returned to you immediately.
  • You can try out my proven system and go through all the training before you make your final decision.
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Don’t let this opportunity pass you by… before you know it, 6 months will have passed…

Then 12 months…

Then 2 years…

All in the blink of an eye… because time seems to speed up the older you get.

Do you want to look back at this moment with the regret thinking “what if” you had only joined us and tested out the system for yourself, today?

You owe it to yourself to get the best education on the market, so you can instead look back and think…

“Trying out the Trend Profiteer System was the single best investment I ever made, it radically transformed my finances and it changed my family’s life!”

So join our family now, become a part of something special and secure your financial future forever... right now.


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There's always an excuse to not start, but trading with Trend Profiteer is simple enough even for newbies to start immediately and it's sophisticated enough for even the most advanced trader to start using with the intent of improving their results.


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    You get live chat support so you can chat with Michael directly (as well as the other members) backed up with a dedicated helpdesk team to help you with any issues you may have.

  • Lifetime updates

    You will get updates for your system if and when they are needed. Michael is always tweaking and improving his system and you’ll be the first to know when something new is added.

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  • Complete Trade Management

    When you enter a trade your job is done. The Trend Profiteer system will manage every one of your trades for you so you can go about your day as normal without being stuck to a computer screen all day. This includes multiple, automatic trailing stop-loss strategies to maximize profits.

  • Mobile Access To Trades

    You will never miss a perfect trade ever again, even when you are busy. The Trend Profiteer system provides you with a true mobile trading experience while providing you with a way to access the full functionality of your system using your smart phone.

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What Our Users Say...

You are a very good instructor the way you go through each system so precisely and easy understand. I am sure with patients and practice I will be able to improve my trading better than anything else I have studied in the past. I will keep you informed of my progress in the future and look forward to the rest of the Lessons.


this definately brings enlightment to bigginers, intermediate and pros, thanks.


The best thing about the system is that it is simple but can be very effective if applied correctly. I look forward to join the community soon to learn more and enhance my skills.


This was my first successful day trading forex. Before I always seemed too entered at the wrong time, got stopped out, or canceled because I got scared of losing money. I just want to thank you for the great tutorial videos you have.


Michael this is awesome, i need to repeat this again and again till I get it right.


Thank you Michael. Really appreciate all your videos that you shared with us. Very insightfull.


Easy to understand, easy to obey, easy to apply. Wish I had this 2 years ago when I started. 3 things that stood out for me is the simplicity of your system rules, how accurate the confirmations are when the rules are obeyed & lastly, the clarity & simplicity of your communication in your video lessons. I really enjoy your teaching style.


The information provided is realistic and makes sense based on trading the Forex Market. What I like the most is the way you represented your trading strategy/systems. It is realistic, and you come to the point without talking about useless nonsence


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U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

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You must clearly understand this: Information contained here and in the service is not an invitation to trade any specific investments. Trading requires risking money in pursuit of future gain. That is your decision. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose. This document does not take into account your own individual financial and personal circumstances. It is intended for educational purposes only and NOT as individual investment advice. Do not act on this without advice from your investment professional who will verify what is suitable for your particular needs and circumstances. Failure to seek detailed professional, personally tailored advice prior to acting could lead you to acting contrary to your own best interests and could lead to losses of capital.

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