Revolutionize Your Trading With Powerful Automated Software

Identify lucrative trade opportunities
Activate trades in semi or fully automatic mode
Manage trades with sophisticated trading intelligence

Consistently Profit from Forex, Gold, Indices and Crypto Regardless of Market Direction!

Our system has produced alerts that have resulted in trades generating millions of pips. Below are just some examples of signals produced this year. You can trade any timeframe on any asset with complete flexibility. Results can vary but if you had taken the main trade of every position this year on the EURO, using the daily charts, your account could be up 1,740 pips.

Identify Opportunities for Massive Gains on the
S&P 500 as it Rises & Falls

With a consistently high win rate, you can harness the full potential of the market's premier index, the S&P 500. You can explore opportunities, maximize gains, and navigate market dynamics with confidence and precision, analyzed by Trend Profiteer's advanced algorithms. This year, if you had taken the main trade of every position, your account could be up a massive 109,410 pips!

Master Gold Trading with a Simplified Approach Ensuring Regular Profits Seamlessly

Our user-friendly interface and analytical tools make trading GOLD easy, offering swift responses to market changes with optimal flexibility. You always know what direction the higher time frames are and the combination of indicators makes winning gold trades near certain. This year, if you had taken the main trade of every position, your account could be up a huge 64,284 pips!

Trade On ANY Timeframe!

Trading across multiple timeframes offers traders a comprehensive view of market dynamics, providing valuable insights that can enhance decision-making. Shorter timeframes offer a close-up perspective, aiding in the identification of short-term trends and entry points. Longer timeframes offer a broader outlook, capturing overall market trends and facilitating strategic planning. Analyzing multiple timeframes simultaneously enables traders to confirm trends within trends. This enhances accuracy and improves risk management empowering traders to seamlessly navigate the markets facilitating a holistic approach that maximizes profitability and minimizes risks.

1, 5, 15 & 30 Minute Tactical Trades

1 & 4 Hour, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Generate Substantial Profits Trading the USDJPY with Unparalleled Predictability and Precision

The USDJPY pair presents a lucrative opportunity for traders. The predictability offered by trading USDJPY with Trend Profiteer ensures a strategic advantage, allowing you to elevate your trading experience with a currency pair known for its predictability and profit potential. If you had taken the main trade of every position this year, your account could be up a nice 2,708 pips!

Accumulate Substantial Pips by Trading the NASDAQ with Remarkable Speed and Efficiency

Trading the Nasdaq unveils diverse opportunities, especially with major tech giants driving its dynamics. Its inherent volatility provides ample opportunities for rapid market movements, with platforms like Trend Profiteer aiding traders in real-time analytics and trend identification. If you had taken the main trade of every position this year, your account could be up a tremendous 597,370 pips!

Generate Pips Quickly from the GBPUSD Profiting from Fluctuations, Whether the Pound Rises or Falls

The GBPUSD's liquidity and popularity make it an attractive choice for traders seeking stability and ample trading opportunities. Trend Profiteer enhances this experience by providing real-time insights and analysis, enabling traders to make well-informed decisions. The currency pair, coupled with Trend Profiteer's tools and trading management, offers a nice potential for consistent profits. If you had taken the main trade of every position this year, your account could be up a sweet 2,270 pips!

Make a Mega Fortune with Bitcoin Easily & Quickly Using Intelligent Trading Automation

The transformative power of intelligent trading automation of Bitcoin, encompassing the utilization of advanced algorithms and real-time market insights, enables traders to gain a strategic advantage, adapting swiftly to the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. Intelligent automation provided by platforms like Trend Profiteer opens doors to a realm where the creation of a mega fortune through Bitcoin becomes a streamlined and achievable goal, unburdened by the complexities and uncertainties often associated with manual trading. If you had taken the main trade of every position this year, your account could be up a massive 1,217,368 pips!

Profit from Trading the USDCHF With A High Degree of Accuracy, Consistency and Regularity

The USDCHF pair offers traders a unique opportunity to capitalize on reliable and predictable movements. With advanced tools and insights provided by Trend Profiteer, you can navigate the market with confidence, making well-informed decisions that result in consistent profits. The high degree of accuracy inherent in trading USDCHF allows you to strategically seize market opportunities, regardless of its direction. If you had taken the main trade of every position this year, your account could be up a respectable 1,532 pips!

PLUS Trade Any Other Chart Completely Automatically With Multiple Positions and Timeframes

With the capacity to trade any chart seamlessly, Trend Profiteer empowers you to diversify your portfolio and capture opportunities across different financial instruments. The platform's intelligent automation ensures that you can manage multiple positions simultaneously, enhancing your ability to capitalize on market conditions.











You can harness the power of automation across diverse charts so whether you're trading currency pairs, commodities, indices, or crypto, the flexibility to trade automatically on multiple timeframes provides strategic advantages, ensuring a responsive trading experience.

     It's Like Trading On Steroids!     

Watch How I Made 754,176 Pips

Watch How I Made 148,806 Pips

Watch the Guided Tour Showing What this Intelligent Trading Software Can Do For You

Manage Your Trades Automatically From Anywhere With Ease & Simplicity

Our Intelligent Software Makes Identifying, Activating & Managing Profitable Trades Simple

Optimized for Forex, Gold & Crypto to Take Advantage of Highly Volatile Price Moves
Identifies Major Trends & Swings Within the Overall Trend So It's Accurate, Safe & Consistent
Trades & Manages Automatically or Trades Manually Then Manages Automatically
Fully Customizable, Aggressive or Conservative Modes, and Remote Operation Capable
Split-Trade Ready, Multiple Trailing Options and Money Management Option
Step by Step Rules and Training So Anyone Can Master the Trading Easily & Quickly
Proven Battle-Tested Trading Results Since 2016

 Comparison Chart

 Identify, Execute & Manage Power Trends

 Identify, Execute & Manage Power Swings

 Operate Semi & Fully Automatically

 Automatically Manage Manual Trades

 Manage Multiple Same-Position Trades

 Manage Trades From Alert to Counter Alert

 Manage Trades on Different Timeframes

 Trail Trades on Different Timeframes

 Trail Trades Using Fractal Combinations





















Revolutionize Your Trading in 3 Simple Steps

Let our ai-powered software monitor the markets for you. 1. Identify - When it identifies a trade opportunity, based on your preferences, it will either; (a) Alert you and wait for your confirmation, or (b) Alert you and activate a trade automatically. 2. Activate - If you choose to confirm the trade activation, simply click the "Yes" box. 3. Manage - Our software will manage your trade with complete hands-free trade management intelligence, locking in profits throughout the trade.

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Visually Simplistic Predictions

When our software displays a prediction, it's incredibly easy to see whether the price is expected to move up or down, and what type of trade was identified

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Powerful Battle-Tested Indicators

Our software uses a unique combination of custom-built and age-old indicators, that work together to identify high probability winning trade opportuinties

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Higher Time Frame HTF Intelligence

Always know what's happening on the daily, weekly, and monthly time frames with on-chart display of trends and swings

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Sophisticated Trade Management

Customize and automate everything including trade set-up filtration, money management, when to lock-in profits, and how to trail your trade

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The Ultimate AI-Powered Trading Software that Accurately Identifies, Activates and Manages Lucrative Trade Opportunities Automatically

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Welcome to Trend Profiteer

Hi, I'm Michael Nurok, the developer of Trend Profiteer. Today, you have seen some cool trading technology... and you learnt how my system, built with smart algorithms, has an ultra-high win rate. You learnt that it's easy to use  and even a newbie can make potentially hugh returns, quickly, safely and consistently. Everything you've seen is real and it's possible for you to be successful too. My background as a programmer and analyst has led me to the development of this results-driven market trading system. I genuinely believe that it's a great trading system that can achieve great results. I wish you success. Cheers!

Got Questions Still?

How do I buy?

Simply click on any of the "START NOW" buttons on this page or click here -

Is there a guarantee?

All purchases include a 30 day money-back guarantee and can be processed contactless with ClickBank by clicking the link on your receipt and submitting a generic refund request.

Does this system really work?

Yes, the system identifies trade opportuinties and manages them totally automatically, leaving you in total control with customized settings.

What do I need to run it?

You need a reasonably modern computer that can run Windows and Metatrader 4.

How do I log in to get it?

Once you purchase it, you will be automatically logged into the members area where you can immediately download it. You can log in here -

Does the system run automatically?

You can run it totally automatically including execution and management of trades or you can run it semi-automtically which means you will need to approve all new trade executions - management is still completely automatic.

Can you run the system manually?

Yes, you can use just the Trend Profiteer Indicator, or you can restrict the Expert Advisor taking trades while still benefiting from the higher time frames display.

Can the system be run remotely?

Yes, you can run the system remotely and be alerted everytime a alert is generated. You will need to have the device version of Metatrader intalled on your device as well as the free remote-viewing plugin for your browser.

Can you run the system on Apple?

Yes, but you'll need to have a free Windows interface running.

Does the system lock-in profits?

Yes, you can have 3 profit levels where profits are locked-in. When the 3rd level is reached, you can then have the trade managed via 1 of 5 different trailing stop methodologies.

Is the system customizable?

Yes, you can customize virtually all settings so you have complete control over how the system executes trades, manages trades and exits trades. We like to think of it as a system that was built by traders for traders.

What is a Power Trend?

A Power Trend is a trade entry at the inception of the trend which we determine through a variety of different indicators. You can find out more here -

What is a Power Swing?

A Power Swing is a move in the intended direction that is already in a Power Trend. You can find out more here -

Can I get a free copy?

You can get a free copy of our lite version without automation here -

How does the system identify the overall trend?

The system tracks 3 higher timeframes. By default they are the daily, weekly and monthly periods and can be adjusted depending on your preferences. The 3 higher time frames are broken up into trends and swings and the system displays and determines the overall trend based on these 6 factors so you never need to guess the direction of the trend.

Does the system give me clear take profit signals?

Yes! The  Expert Advisor (trade assistant) determines Take Profit points when trades are closed, as well as Lock-In Profit Levels where stops are moved automatically to lock-in profits throughout the trade. Settings can be customized so you can secure profits with various trailing methodologies.

Does the system calculate Stop Losses?

The system dynamically creates the optimum stop loss levels for you. It’s fully customizable and your risk will always be minimal compared to your profit potential. You can set it to hard stops or dynamic stops which calculate stops based on the current conditions so it minimizes risk on every trade. 

What is the most efficient way to exit trades?

The most efficient way to exit trades is either; 1. When it hits your profit, 2. When  it hits a stop being managed by one of the trailing stop strategies, or 3. When there is a counter (opposite direction) trade signal. The system manages it all for; your trades, parts of your trades, and multiple trades on whatever timeframes you want, simultaneously.

What's the win-success rate?

It depends on the chart traded, the settings and the time frame used. However if you stick to the recommended daily charts on the pairs suggested, you could see around 85% win-rate however, this can fluctuate dramatically depending on market conditions. As you gain experience, your personal success rate may climb even higher.

Can newbies use your system?

Yes! Even complete beginners can learn how to make money consistently with the Trend Profiteer System. If you have a moderate understanding already, then you’ll be able to hit the road running.

Does the system calculate money management and risk management?

Yes! The system has customizable settings and you can determine the size of lots based on the percentage you want to risk. Stops are also calculated dynamically depending on your settings and can be adjusted at any time including during a live trade. 

How can I achieve consistency with my trading?

The system has a simple set of trading rules that anyone can follow. To be consistent, all you have to do is follow the rules every time you place a trade. Consistency is built into the very fabric of this system.

How can I trade with a full time job and limited time.

We recommend the daily charts for your entry so you only need to devote a couple of minutes a day.  The system actively manages your trades so you don’t have to watch the charts once you can even set the system to AutonomousTrading so it does 100% of the work for you. 

How can I identify good entry signals that will likely return a profit?

The system provides clear entry signals based on a collection of proven indicators and strategies and always only takes trades within current trends based on the higher time frames. It completely removes the guesswork from your trading so you know exactly when to enter trades that are likely to generate a profit.

How can I generate consistently increasing equity?

The secret to consistently increasing equity is to use solid a money management plan where you only ever risk a certain small percentage of your trade capital, combined with a proven winning strategy.  When you maintain risking a set percentage of your capital on a trade, your trades grow increasingly larger over time, naturally. The only thing we can't predict is how big the profits will be and how every individual trade will go dependent on all the variables.

What is the best method to be consistent long term? 

The market conditions and the rules of your system determine when you should trade. Sometimes you might go a couple of days or longer without the right conditions for trading and some days you might have 4 different charts that line up for multiple big money trades. To be consistent, you should limit what you trade, stick to the same timeframe, and take every trade you can.

How do I get the proper focus to be successful?

You need to pick one system, stick to the trading rules and master the fundamental basics. The Trend Profiteer System will teach you everything you need to know to be successful so focus your full attention on the training supplied and practice, practice, practice.

Do you train me how to trade and use the system?

Yes, we give you definitive, step-by-step training on how to trade successfully, including all the tools you need to be consistently profitable. We include a comprehensive settings guide and video trading for all elements of trading the system.

How long will it take a learner to be proficient in trading?

This all depends on how much time you can invest in learning the system. Some people are able to go through everything quickly and they can be up and running, making money in a few days, other people take a few weeks and others take a few months. It all comes down to you. Trading, like any skill, takes practice. When you join us, you will be taking the shortcut to success because you already know in advance that if you just go through the steps, your new system has been proven time and again to be profitable.

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