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USDCHF. 118 Pips. $2,905.89

GBPNZD. 368 Pips. $5,733.12

EURJPY. 147 Pips. $3,027.40

EURUSD. 142 Pips. $2,122.73

USDJPY. 100 Pips. $1,785.49

AUDNZD. 85 Pips. $732.07

AUDJPY. 80 Pips. $1,550.51

AUDUSD. 60 Pips. $684.33

USDCAD. 186 Pips. $3,379.07

AUDJPY. 35 Pips. $825.26

USDJPY. 85 Pips. $1,839.46

EURAUD. 100 Pips. $1,600.00

NZDJPY. 70 Pips. $1,388.66

AUDUSD. 82 Pips. $1,832.51

GBPUSD. 71 Pips. $1,226.93

EURUSD. 49 Pips. $968.60

GBPUSD. 250 Pips. $5,777.83

NZDUSD. 65 Pips. $1,541.86

NZDUSD. 70 Pips. $1,766.17

USDCAD. 195 Pips. $3,780.56

AUDCAD. 56 Pips. $419.74

AUDJPY. 45 Pips. $891.25

GBPNZD. 75 Pips. $1,192.14

EURAUD. 85 Pips. $775.00

USDCAD. 73 Pips. $617.13

XAUUSD. 2053 Pips. $4,947.92

GBPCHF. 85 Pips. $2,052.18

NZDCAD. 85 Pips. $1,547.34

EURNZD. 87 Pips. $1,469.52

GBPUSD. 87 Pips. $1,622.12

GBPNZD. 306 Pips. $4,937.61

USDJPY. 35 Pips. $693.29

EURAUD. 173 Pips. $1,615.00