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Strategies and general trading

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  1. Can an average guy like me with a moderate understanding of the Forex market make a full time living with this program?  
  2. Can I trade part-time?  
  3. How can I achieve consistency with my trading?  
  4. How can I figure out the perfect balance between fear and greed?  
  5. How can I identify entry signals that will return a profit?  
  6. How can I make a consistently increasing equity curve?  
  7. How do I adapt to ever changing market conditions in order to make profits consistently?  
  8. How do I avoid getting into “bad” trades on occasion?  
  9. How do I build up my ability to be a patient trader?  
  10. How do I know where to place my stop losses?  
  11. How do I know which currency pairs are most likely to yield a profit?  
  12. How do I obtain the proper focus to be successful with all the options out there?  
  13. How do I perform swing trades consistently with an accuracy of 80% or better, each time?  
  14. How do I stop losing trades?  
  15. How long will it take a learner to be proficient in Forex trading?  
  16. Is it better to trade everyday or just 1-2 good trades per week?  
  17. Is there such a thing as a “Holy Grail” trading system?  
  18. Is trading an art or a science?  
  19. What is the most efficient way to time entry and exit?  
  20. What’s the best method for the highest potential to profit?  
  21. When trading, what is the best indicator (signal) that will say get out of this trade  
  22. Where do the losses go when I lose a trade and where does the profit come from when I win a trade in the Forex markets?  
  23. Why does the market reverse when I take a trade?  

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