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Where is my login details and my activation ID?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Your login details and software activation id is generated automatically. Please check your other inboxes such as “Social”, “Promotion”, “Spam” or other titled inboxes that your email provider uses. In most cases, it is a simple case of the emails being misdirected.

You can also go directly to the login page here -

Enter your email, then click the “Forgot My Password” checkbox and ok. If you are registered as a member with the email you use, you will immediately get a email sent to you with your password.

In some rare cases, an automatic integration does fail so if after trying the above, you still can not log in or find your activation credentials, please let us know by creating a new ticket and we'll resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

To ensure that you receive updates and communications from us, please mark your our email address "" as important and not spam.

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