We’ve been getting messages about our new software, so we wanted to post a little about Trend Profiteer.

Firstly, the Trend Profiteer system will scan through any and all the currency charts for you, on any time frame you ask it, and it will alert you when there is a potentially profitable trade.

You will be given a chance to review the trade alert, and if you want to enter the trade, you click one button. Then the real magic starts.

Trend Profiteer will open up a single trade, OR a split trade (which is opening two positions at the same time) and it will perform all the trade management tasks for you.

What do we mean by trade management?

Well, firstly, it will automatically set your stop loss. Trend Profiteer can dynamically create a stop loss that limits your risk to a percentage of your trading balance. (You choose the percentage in advance, so if you only want to risk 1% or 2% per trade, then Trend Profiteer will do the calculations for you. This saves you time, saves you making mistakes, and ensures you always stick to your pre-set money management strategy which drastically lowers your risk and increases your chances of long-term trading success.)

After your trade is live, Trend Profiteer will move your stop loss for you, during the trade. As your trade moves into profit, eventually your stop loss will be moved past your trade entry point. (Called your break-even point)

When your stop loss is moved past your break-even point, this is known as “locking in your profits” and ultimately it means that you are in a no-lose situation. This is the holy grail of trading positions.

To do this manually, you would need to watch all your open trades like a hawk, for as long as you have live trades open, and then you would need to manually move the stop loss.

This trade management automation is a massive time saver, gives you the freedom to live your life, without being stuck to the computer, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with the automation.

On top of everything mentioned, you can specify three different profit targets, for each trade. And you can use these profit targets to trigger one of 5 different “trailing stop-loss” methodologies.

A trailing stop loss, for those who don’t know, is where your stop loss moves closely behind the current price of a chart.

Why is this important?

Well, if you’re in a live trade, and the trend is surging in your direction, most people end up leaving the trade when their target is hit.

Well, if the trend keeps going for another 100 pips, 200 pips, or more, after you hit your target, you would miss out on huge profits.

So, rather than remove you from a trade, a trailing stop loss allows you to stay in the trade for as long as possible, and when the trend finally dies, because your stop-loss is very tight to the price, you are removed from the trade quickly.

This maximises your winnings and allows you to ride massive trends deep into the profit zone.

All of the trade management features come with specific presets, depending on which style of trading you prefer, and you can completely customise the trade management and save your own presets.

You will even get trade management pre-sets for trading Gold and Silver.

Trend Profiteer’s trade management is second to none. It allows you to live a life of freedom, while still making an easy living from the Forex markets.

To get access to Trend Profiteer, visit our dedicated site here – https://trendprofiteer.com

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